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    Hello I am really new here so bear with me. My question is: would it be possible to avoid getting accounts blocked or deactivated if I ran accounts on a proxy even though several people will be accessing them at from different locations. Or would that be pretty much defeating the whole purpose of a proxy? We advertise ads on Facebook in groups for products that we sell locally and we have about 20 accounts and it seems like every two months we get hit with waves of alot of accounts getting deactivated or asking for photo picture. So far it seems like only the personal Facebook accounts are the only ones that stay and prevent getting any kind of checkpoint or whatever. Most of the others are fake accounts and those are the ones that end up asking for a photo pic. Also does anyone have any experience with the Facebook Marketplace option of selling items. I have noticed that some accounts do not have this Marketplace option even if on a desktop and also have noticed that some of our ads are getting ghosted even though we post and appear like individuals in other words we post our ad but if we use another account to search for that ad it cannot be found even if we copy and paste the link direct it says cannot be found.
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    Stop trying to sell, op wants help
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