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    As a project I bought a keyword rich url and chucked some content on it just under two years ago. Not touched from that day to this. I built the site focused on the one main keyphrase with around "14,000" competitors.
    Not great shakes but hey.

    Dusted it off about 10 days ago and ran it through a rank checker. It was showing on page 3 around 27/28 for the chosen keyphrase.

    I manually went out and put two (keyword anchor) links out for it on related blogs. Low PR.

    I also wrote a single article focused on the niche for ezine and chucked it into the verification procedure. Last night I got the email it had passed muster and been published. Of course the article was unique and all my own work.

    Ran the rank checker again this afternoon and position has jumped to number 2.

    Course it could be the dance but other that the one article and two anchor links I have not done anything else.

    I have written a number of previous articles for ezine in the past to get sites up to rank for specific keywords and had success but never this quick, It has often taken a couple of Months and hard link building to get anywhere near page 1.

    Maybe google is seeing ezine content as a primary unique source and marking it up accordingly?

    Yes the article directories got caned in the algo change but ezine has always been considerably different!!