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    Animated Explainer Videos

    Innovative ideas need explanations! If a visitor to your website doesn't understand what your business does in the first 7 seconds they will probably click away. Our job is to help brands and organizations explain what they do. Animated Explanation Video or Explainer videos as they are often called, are a powerful medium for explaining a complex idea or an innovative new web business. Attention spans are short. People don't read web text. What better way to explain "How It Works" than with an animated marketing video. We deliver first & lasting impressions through engaging web video animations for Mobile Apps, Technology Services, or just about anything that needs explaining. How It Works Media produces animated video, e-commerce video, TV Commercials, Web Marketing Videos, Mobile App Tutorials, Game Trailers, and How It Works Videos.
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    Neil patel over at crazy egg decided he would try adding an explanier video that can describe he?s service within a short amount of time using an explainer video, the results was short to amazing. what Happen was the video itself increase crazy egg conversion but 48% . The reason why the video did so well, its all go back to the human average attention span of less than 8 seconds. that mean most of your visitors not reading your landing page, they rather listen to a video to get inform about your service or product.