explain the way to get best results.

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    Hello BHW Members,

    I am doing social bookmarking from last one year for local website owners in India. I got the below understanding about the social bookmarking.

    Social bookmarking is a new way that doesn't use a browser but uses a website.When we want to social bookmark any web page we need to save two values first is the site URL and second the tags are saved in the list.We need to do this on several social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us.

    Tags are very important because we have to sort the bookmarks by the tags we assigned.Public or other people can see bookmarks on basis of tag . Hence social bookmarking is just sharing our favorite sites to another people using social bookmarking sites.

    I really donot understand this from perspective of getting good results as an SEO expert. Is it a good idea to do social bookmarking for a website in bulk ?

    I think the social bookmarking should be done slowly and in regular manner so the bookmarking gets crawled by search engines in regular intervel.

    If any expert member can explain the way to get best results that will be really good.