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Expert Inet Marketer Needed. BIG $$$$ potential on profit sharing.

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by vglance, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. vglance

    vglance Newbie

    Nov 11, 2009
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    I have a viable business service that is available to all states in the US, so the market is huge. I want to not only make money off this service, but collect subscribers for means to make other revenue. And also explore other revenue streams, be it affiliate marketing or whatever makes the most of every visitor / contact.

    My only problem?

    How the heck do I get the word out to business owners and get them to the site?

    I've been doing all this reading up on coregs (I read the entire Little-Guy Coop training program), I heard about this noobie way of mass emailing using godaddy, and while I understand the concept, I'm not experienced enough to set it up, and I'm concerned about the long term viability.

    Bottom line. I want a sustainable, cost effective, and most importantly, safe way to mass market without putting me or my business at risk.

    I want to start small, maybe 1000 emails every other day, then increase from there, just to make sure we are not overwhelmed with leads to the point where customer service suffers. We simply don't know what kind of response to expect as there are too many variables.

    I'm not interested in having to jump from one hosting company to another. If I have to buy equipment, I will. If I have to buy software, I will. If we're spending too much time battling ISPs and swapping this and changing that, then it's not in my mind a viable marketing strategy, unless we can rely on a third party to manage it inexpensively.

    I'm sure there is more than one way to accomplish what we are trying to do, so we welcome options and exploration of pros/cons.


    #1. Non-disclose contract will be signed by both parties
    #2. You must be dependable and respond to all correspondence in a reasonably professional time frame.
    #3. We maintain all security on our end (e.g. If a URL must be purchased, you can recommend who, what, etc. but we will make the purchase and own the passwords to access the site, same with any software.). We need to do this to protect ourselves and our systems from potential hacks. Nothing personal.
    #4. If there are any specific parts of the process that conflict with the above terms, they must be addressed prior to signing any agreements.
    #5. We are open to various payment options including paypal, whatever is most comfortable and safe for both parties.
    #6. Our preferred method of communication is phone or skype. Email is too slow. (FYI, we're located in the US Pacific Standard Time)


    Because of the complexity of the technology, and the fact that we cannot tell if the system works until we start getting customers, we are offering a very lucrative profit-sharing package.

    You will receive a generous profit-sharing percentage based on ALL revenue generated. Not just the main product, not just affiliate revenue, but any and all revenue generated from marketing efforts off the subscriber opt-in list that is generated. We already have clients lined up that would pay a lot for an opt-in list of business owners.

    Bottom line is that any revenue that is generated from traffic sourcing from the marketing system you build, you're getting paid.

    Lastly, we have very high standards of professionalism, not just in communication, but quality of work. We also are looking for a freelancer that understands not just how to technically accomplish the project, but act as a consultant to walk us through the education process of what is being recommended and why doing X is better and safer than doing Y, because of Z. That sort of thing.

    Please PM me with serious proposals, your contact information, and relative time zone or preferred time to be contacted. There are times I am up very late because I have work being done in the Philippines, but normally I'm available 8am - 11pm Pacific Standard Time.

    While I am open to working with people anywhere in the world, if your accent is just too thick to understand, it may hinder our ability to work together and we may have to respectfully pass on the opportunity.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.