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    Hi Everyone,

    I think that it's been two days already and I have yet to receive a reply from the last post i made. So i thought of making a new thread for my help. Me and my cuz have been in the business for 3 years and it's only now we have decided for expansion online. We are noobs. We just finished creating our website and we would like to start its promotion. Mostly we are told to create a fan page on social networks (FB and Twitter) and make many friends as much as possible to drag and to like our page. But since our busy schedules did not give us much time to go online, we both did not have much friends on our Facebook accounts.. we do not even have a Twitter account. One has told us about making lots of Facebook and Twitter accounts to drag people to our website.. so we did. But Facebook and Twitter are strict and they do not allow multiple account creation. They cancelled the accounts we made. And then one advised us to use proxies to make it happen and that we need to be careful with choosing the proxies we'll buy. So what specs of proxies do we actually need? They also have mentioned about most proxies are banned, blacklisted, etc..

    anyone please? thx!