Experiment to find out the true search volume!Need some help here:)

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Which one is accurate?

  1. Old by +/- 20%

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  2. New by +/- 20%

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  3. Both are the same

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  4. Both are crap

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  1. bakxos

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    I am trying to build some websites and i have spent time and money to rank for them. I am almost there but i am really disappointed by the big differencies that i see in the search queries between the old tool and MNF and MS (since they draw data from this tool) and the new one.

    I am trying to rank for 2 keywords and based on the old the exact volume is 0.5m ( total). According to the new the exact volume is 1800 or so for both the keywords.

    I know that there are plenty of threads that talk about the whole thing but i wanted to create a poll so that we need to find out what is the true search volume.


    1. We have 4 options
    i. Old is accurate by +/- 20%
    II. New is accurate by +/- 20%
    iii. Both are the same
    iv. Both are crap

    2. IF you have a keyword that you have ranked in the first page, then you go to webmaster tools and see the impressions for the month.

    3. Then go to the old and the new and compare them.

    4. The impressions in webmaster tools is how many times your website appeared when searched for a keyword. So if you are in the first page, we have the search volume of this keyword. IF this is f....d up too then i quit!

    5. Do not compare with broad, phrase or whatever or do not ruin it if you have not ranked.

    If you think this is not helpful or inaccurate/stupid please post a comment.
  2. aladin

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Romania Iasi
    I have ranked in Romania 2 shops ranked for the same keywords. ( about 30 UV/days)
    One have first and second position in google ( locally) and one have the 3th position.

    Yes for the first site the results are prety accurate. For the second the searches are too smals to compare..

    Also I have another local classified site, first position and I have the same results, both seems fairly accurate.. The problem is that I have about 100 UV /days.( I think that big numbers are not so accurate) => I have some friends that have 1 st position on another niche ( localy ..in Romania) and he told me that they do not trust in results because for them the results are not correct..
    This is my story..
    So I use the Google results only too see the potential for a niche ..and also always i compare the result with many tools I have..like traffic travis, samurai..so on
    Do not trust 100% ..
    I see often on some HOT niches that google was displaying totally wrong or unreal numbers..( maybe to avoid some speculation in that niche..)
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