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Experienced twitter marketeers, am I making a good start...

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by jamie3000, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. jamie3000

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    Jun 30, 2014
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    I've recently started getting into twitter with the aim of promoting some affiliate deals. I've written my own custom bot that runs on my 8GB VPS and uses 10 dedicated proxies over 40 accounts. It currently acquires me about 2,000 followers a day, these are very targeted followers as well. I know what I'm going to promote and how but I'd like to compare these stats with some of the more experienced twitter marketeers. So,

    How many accounts do you run over how many proxies?

    How many followers do you acquire per day in your current set up?

    Would you mind disclosing how much that amount of followers makes you? (PM me if you like :) )

    I'm not asking anyone to spoon feed me, (cant stand that) I'd just like to know if I'm making a good start really! I picture twitter gods with 40,000 accounts laughing at me right now :p

    Any help/tips/experience would be sincerely appreciated