Expanding a franchise the right way

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    Hello all,

    i've been trying to figure out how to properly build out a franchise online.

    Social media Including:
    • Facebook ( from what i've read it's been create a Facebook Business page. You can create "locations," from there )
    • Instagram
    • Twitter ( Should there only be 1 Twitter account used for CRM? )

    Website ( I've been referring to other franchised sites E.I Walmart, Midas or Subway )
    Create sub-sites in your preferred install. Mine is using WordPress. Your URL / folder file structure should look like:

    ( I've seen/read using sub-domains is bad for creating franchisees ).

    Which I assume I will need to point back from Google My Business listing/Bing to create a stronger Corporate level site and feed juice back to the top-level site ( Corporate ). ( Please comment with suggestions! )

    Here's a curve ball - the franchisees previously made their own store independent sites, no relevant names to the branding. Is there a specific way to harvest their domain authority / PR while ranking their corresponding sub-site on Google?

    Basically, I need to make a unified look on Google and deliver a "industry standard," franchise experience for growing online presence.