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    After a few years in IM I consider myself pretty good at SEO. Anyway, a while back I left the english market and moved to the portuguese market (brazil), simply because there's little competition here so I'm finally killing in a few niches.

    Anyway, if you have a product, service or method you're using and would like to expand to portugese, then hit me up. I can expand your business with you and both of us can make some nice cash. I live in brazil and portugese is my native language.

    Send me what you want and need and I'll do some research. If its profitable here then we'll work something out :)

    CPA here is not profitable so if your thing is CPA, sorry, I'm not looking for this. I'm looking to work with people who already have established businesses or methods. I can handle everything here, from seo, translations, customer support to managing payments.

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