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Exoclick – how to use the smartcpm tool properly

Discussion in 'Media Buying' started by mobidea team, Jun 22, 2015.

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    May 19, 2015
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    Exoclick is the biggest adult adnetwork and this is not only because of their huge network but also because of the quantity of data they provide. That means that you need to invest a lot of time on the statistical analysis and on building a proper strategy that will allow you to compete with the thousands of other advertisers that are there. I work on Exoclick for more than two years on a daily basis and I?ve tested several different strategies to find the best one. Today, I am sharing with you my experience regarding the SmartCPM and what it can tell you.

    What is the SmartCPM? The SmartCPM allows you to put a maximum bid that you will normally never pay unless you have the minimum bid. What you will pay in fact is based on you next competitor. For example, if you put a maximum bid of 0.50? and your next competitor has a bid of 0.40?, you will pay approximately more 10% than him. In this case 0.44?. With this you guarantee your position at the lowest cost possible.

    You can say that this tool is really useful to save money. It is but not only for this. With the Smart Bid you can know your competition, how much they are bidding, what is the cost of the first position, what is the variation of the competition (if they are using dayparting for example), you can even damage them and so on. It?s only a matter of knowing how to use it properly. That is why I am giving some tips about it.The most basic use for the SmartBid is to be able to know the next competitor but also if someone overpassed you.

    I was paying an average of 0.53? from 1st to the 4th. Then I started to pay 0.33?. You can tell me that this is good because you have the traffic at a lower cost, the problem is: I lost traffic. Someone is stealing my traffic and I can know it because my impressions dropped and my CTR as well. The CTR drop means that the quality of my traffic went down, I passed from having the 2nd impressions to having the 3rd.

    It?s also possible to create some damage to a competitor?s campaign. Let?s say that you are reaching for the first position with a maximum bid of 6?.

    Let's consider that I am paying an average of 4.4? meaning that the next competitor has set a bid of 4?. If on my campaign I am paying too much because of him, we can play the same game: I will create another campaign or even keep this one with a bid of 3.6. With this, I am forcing him to pay almost the bid he has, increasing his costs. Like this, I can hope that he will leave the segment.

    It?s also possible to know what is necessary to have the first position, even if I cannot ?afford? it now. It will be a reference for the future. You can put a bid really high (20?) with SmartBid and check how much you will pay. Remember to not keep the campaign running otherwise you will take the risk to lose a lot of money if you cannot monetize this traffic properly. Let?s say that you pay 2? with this test, you will have an idea of how much the first guy is paying. This can only work if you want to guarantee the first position: set this competitive bid with a SmartBid. Just be sure to check your stats to see if you kept the first position: the effective CPM, CTR and impressions are the same.

    Another good application for the SmartBid is to duplicate one campaign putting there only good websites and a higher bid to ensure a more competitive position for the websites that ?deserve? you to pay more for them because their performance is far better than all the other ones. Let?s say that on the RON campaign you have a bid 0.60? and on the new one (the whitelist campaign) you put a bid of 1.5?. But the problem is you pay around 0.66? on the whitelist campaign, it means that you are in competition with yourself and you only pay this value because of your RON campaign. In this case, you can take the websites off the RON, keep them only in the whitelist campaign with a higher capping (to guarantee a bigger ?presence? there because it?s worth it).

    It?s important to keep an eye on the changes you make and understand the impact of them. My personal advice is to keep track of the change date. For example, on the 11th I increased the bid from 0.5 to 1?, I need to check later the impact of this change later, the before and the after. If I was paying 0.4? on the 10th and on the 12th I pay 0.8? that means that my changes made my position scale up.

    What you need to know is the advertisers also make source targeting, they are excluding websites, paying more for the best ones, etc. That SmartBid allows you to know this and act accordingly. For example, you have a RON campaign and on one website where you are performing well, you are also paying more and close to your bid, that means that the competition is high. It would be a good idea to consider treating this website differently and create a campaign for it, allowing you to bid higher. Here you can see that the fourth website on the list has a better performance (more conversion comparing to the costs of it) but I also see that I am paying more so the good performance I have is not only for me but for other advertisers and we are fighting for its traffic.

    The carriers don?t have the same cost, and it?s normal: the quality is not the same, the rules that the carriers have are not the same as well and the offers available on the market will influence the competition. If you have a campaign that is targeting all the carriers, it will be clear the difference of cost. Let?s imagine that you have a campaign that targets all the carriers but for one of them you are paying a lot more, you should consider creating campaigns for this carrier specifically because clearly it?s more expensive and it?s not correct to have them all together. Most of the times, when the price is higher, we have better solutions there so we need to be more competitive as well.Here are some considerations to make when working on Exoclick and if you are using the SmartCPM billing system. I hope it will help and with it your revenues increase!

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