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Existing Site

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by wrigley, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. wrigley

    wrigley Registered Member

    Jul 29, 2009
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    Hi Guys,

    Was wondering for some advice on the best possible place to sell a site for someone would be and what would be a good Buy it Now price or guide price as to how much to expect.

    To save hiding the fact the site is a Viagra site, here are the facts.

    1. Has been running since 2002
    2. At its peak (using ppc) it averaged around £15000 per month in sales
    3. No Advertising has been done for nearly 3 years
    4. Income is purely from existing consumers and averages between £1500 - £2500 a month.
    5. Products are held in bulk and will be shipped, only outlay is shipping.
    6. No online marketing has been done since Google cut PPC for this sector, therefore potential for growth is there given the domain age etc, though it is as we all know a competitive market.
    7. The costs other than that are £11 a month hosting.

    Your help would be great in assessing the monthly multiple that is typically used for something like this. Obviously database records of sales are available for the past 4/5 years or something like that, as are web stats.
  2. Karlos

    Karlos Junior Member

    Mar 10, 2010
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    This may be a useful place to get ideas of multiple. Unfortunately, multiples for pharma sites tend to be much lower than non-pharma sites other things being equal.

    I'd focus on how much of profit the site has made over the last 12 months, not highest ever turnover, or "gross" figures like revenue, or potential for growth...because that's what buyers are mainly interested in.