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    I hope this is the right place to post this, my questions are a bit over the place, but feel free to only answers some of them. I am looking for all kinds of answers.

    I got a question regarding monetizing unique visitors.

    Let?s assume I have a website that gets unique visitors each day.
    Those visitors are unlikely to click on the ads a lot and the chance of them clicking through and buying something are very, very low (let?s assume it?s 0%).
    The visitors will be repeating and the content of the website is of some use to them. The content will change daily, so they got a reason to return every day.
    Given there is a search on the website, they will click on more than 1 page on each visit.

    The problem with the site is, the marginal appeal of it is negative and the most traffic will be at the beginning and then be more sporadic on an ongoing basis.

    In addition, the content is easily replicable, so I assume someone to replicate it rather sooner than later. I am not restricted on how fast I have to execute. Although, it should be rather easy after I have found the right ad provider. The website is easily done within a few days.

    I want to maximize the $/unique visit given the aforementioned ?restraints?.

    Is there an optimal ad network to use? I want to have as minimal interaction and hassle with them as possible.

    I don?t know how well Google ads would work, given my user base.

    Anyone with suggestions?

    Also, in addition to this, I got a few questions regarding the website.
    I want to do it in wordpress, it will literally be two ad banners, a content output and maybe a menu.
    The content would be filled with datasets from SQL queries, how easy is this doable with Wordpress? I got the SQL queries (at least the MS Access versions of it, which I assume to be almost identical).

    My database only exists in Access at the moment. I got over a million datasets in there already and I expect it to grow into smallish 8 figures. Which database format (or w/e it's called) would you recommend?

    Following up on this, I want to fill the online database with the datasets I have at the moment. I can get them in CSV format easily if required. I basically want to mass copy those 1.x million datasets all at once. What's the best way of doing it?

    And a somewhat related question: I want to datamine using an online server and online script. Is this difficult and which programming language would be best to use? I would exclusively parse through sourcecode.