Excel Questions for creating ROW breaks

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Hi, I cant find how to do this anywhere!

    I have a excel doc. with thousands of rows.
    the file has too much on it and I want to break
    it up into separate files.

    Is there a way to "AUTO SLICE" OR "AUTO BREAK"
    the ROWS and then save them as separate files?

    If you are familiar with Photoshop what I hoping to
    find is much like the "PhotoPacakage" where PS
    automatically divides up a photo and seperates it
    into a picture package or slide sheet.

    For example: I want to have a thousand rows per doc.
    and the big doc has 50 thousand or more cells in the row.
    Its going to take me hours to divide them up.

    Help! :18: Thanks