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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by brookshire, May 27, 2010.

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    I hope what I'm trying to ask comes out right....

    If I find exact match keyword domains that are available, is it better to have one domain per keyword for SEO purposes? For example.. lets say "bluewidget.com" is available so I build a site for it.. but then I find another keyword that the exact domain "smallbluewidget.com" is available. For SEO purposes would it be better to optimize a page of the first site for the new keyword, or to purchase both domains and have two seperate sites in the same niche?

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    Exact match for me tends to rank very well; however,if it were me I would probably make small blue widgets a sub page. That being said if you want to buy two domains you will probably rank faster for both terms, but it will cost you a couple extra bucks.

    It also depends on the project, if you're making a 20+ page content site or a 6 page sniper site. If it's a broad niche - go with TLD and make subpages, if its a sniper site do each individually.

    Me kinda rambling, hope that helps.