Exact Domains - Top Google Search Again!?


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Feb 12, 2009
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I have the exact domains


and today google doodles is again a volcanic search term on google trends. This search becomes volcanic for a short period of time every few months when google comes up with an interesting doodle (the logo they use). The last time was the playable pacman doodle and the time before that was the anniversary of the first man on the moon.

I have no idea what to do with these domains or how to monetize something that has large peaks of search volume periodically.

Any ideas welcome.
Offer a view the "next secret hidden doodle page" with a content locker over the top of it? kinda misleading and blackhat but this bhw right? :borladuck
They might take your domains when you monetize on their TM. Do something cool with it and drive traffic to other money making projects.
Maybe you can collect the images of the past "doodles," come up with some design yourself and develop an idea for a
"guessing competition" format. As keyboard said for "the next page (design/pattern) where for the prize you are in fact offering CPA offers for them to fill it out.

I'm sure you can get very creative about "Healthy" competitions among the participants.

Good Luck!:D
If you wanted to play it safe (Google 'shouldnt' take it away) then dont monetize it in the traditional sense.

What you could do is add a few short 200-400 articles about the doodles (e.g. one discussing why they started them, one each for every doodle they did-is it country specific? etc, a few discussing 'doodles of the future', etc etc) this is to get content.
Then make sure you link to the official Google pages for each doodle (do they stay online?) and/or the main doodle page.
The reason I say this is to keep the site looking legit, offering quality information to Googles benefit and keeps them happy that you arent using their brand name to your advantage... SO DO NOT ADD ADSENSE! lol

What the hell is this good for then?

On say the last line of the page, fill it with 1x1 iframes of all your other sites/autoblogs...

Yes it doesnt make you money directly, but its helping your SEO/serps or even CTR of offers by providing a ton of junk traffic to your other projects, therefore saving you money purchasing it (A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!)

Google does keep historic records of every single doodle for every country and has an official site. All images are protected by copyright and permission has to be sought to use them.

I would have liked to set up a blog where people can comment on each of the doodles, the only problem is that I would be in breach of googles TM etc, and think it would not be long before I received a cease and desist letter!
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