Evidences to prove Paypal I was given hacked links

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Feb 18, 2016
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So I made a deal with someone, who I never thought was providing me hacked backlinks. I disputed this to paypal, claiming these are not what I paid for thus I am entitled for a refund. But they sided on the hacker, despite of the screenies I sent to them as evidences (I messaged the website owners of each backlink, 5 of them responded all saying the same thing -- "they are hacked and those links are inserted without their authorization").

I called paypal and they said that they're not enough. If I have any other evidences, they will re-open the case. So my question is ... what other evidences can I provide them?

Now the seller provider's site is up and running again, victimizing more clients, thanks to paypal.

PS. They are associated with Charles Floate btw and are part in The Proper PBN fb group and BHC Marketplace fb group. I have namedrop them in another thread.
I don't think there's much you can do really. Paypal isn't in a position to determine who is lying nor is it in their interest to get involved. You'll have to take this up with people vouching for this link seller's services and somehow convince him to give you your money back.
Open a fraud transaction and try to fake it lol. But if Paypal on their side, you are f*cked son.
Paypal on the buyers side? What year is this? 2070?
Paypal on the buyers side? What year is this? 2070?
No you stupid mofo, on sellers side and it is 2017:D shocking to say the least.

Also OP: what is so wrong with these hacked links? are they "juicy"?
I meant sellers* wow. Guess im used to say "buyers side" too much :D
This happened to me in the past. PayPal sided with the seller despite the fact that authorization to charge on my end was revoked but the recurring charges still occurred. I went to my bank and got the money back.
You could try to open a fraud dispute with your bank, assuming that the funds were not transferred from an existing PayPal balance.
You could use your bank to get your money back
@ThatWeb20Guy, uhm, I am not listing anyone, I am here asking if anyone can help me prove Paypal about hacking.

@LordCameltoe, I think you're wrong. They are in the position to determine who is lying since they are the third-party and we're talking money. Otherwise, their buyer protection would just be another bullshit idea.

@MikeyMikey13, some of them yes. The stupid seller just handover the entire list to me cause he is too lazy to insert the link properly. But the fact that it is done illegally and without disclosing to me first-hand, is quite disappointing. Keep feeding these morons and prob your site would be on their list. FYI they already have almost 7k.

At everyone else, payment is done via balance, not in card.

Thing is,.. they said I can call them back if I got more evidence (like wtf do they still need when the site owner itself said that)

@Asif WILSON Khan, unfortunately, yeah, how the heck did I know though. The entire reason why I find myself way back here in BHW forum is because they shoo'd me out on their group after discovering their dirty rags. So when I dig deeper, I found lots of threads here bashing Charlie.
At @luke6966 who pmed me who these people are, let me detail this for you...

Also, @BassTrackerBoats you can check this post I am making and decide it for yourself...

I will be namedropping here. So it's a huge intel.

Since last year I have been doing business with John Pim from Serpship.com (previously Ranknest). His profile is this one -- https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/john-p.641608/

He was recommended to me by Vadym Kevin Zyabkin, later on I found out John Pim's backlinks are also Kevin's backlinks. What they do is editing an existing article and inserting your links in, WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION from the owner.

Kevin also has two other lackeys who smuggle his links, namely James Gregory (https://www.facebook.com/jamesgseo) and Sathish (https://www.facebook.com/sathishs93). Yes, the same James Gregory that Charles Floate is associated with!

Kevin admitted it to himself...
-- that John Pim's links are his
-- that he recommended James Gregory and Sathish because they are the legit
-- that he is hacking and has no knowledge on SEO

Yet he is waivering himself as SEO Jebus and as an authority figure. He is also doing a lot of JV to many people.

How do I know if James is doing his links?

I had a deal with Patrick Babakhain of Serpchampion.com, things didn't go very well doing business with him because he always penny-pinch my service and guest post. He promise his client pure guest post, but he ordered to me link insertion, so when his clients doesn't like what they get, he turns to me and blame me for it. So this is when I found out about it: when one of his clients got the same link from the same website that Gregory gave him. Patrick knew that I am partially doing Kevin's links (via John Pim) especially with hard niches. This was when I don't know they were hacked.

And then I found out that they are hacking websites. I don't believe it, but when they made a fuss that all other service was "scum" because only Gregory and Sathish are the real deal, that's when I cut lose on everything, including our JV that I only get nothing but "pressure" and harrassing (many times Kevin told me he'd kill the site, is that how you treat your business partner?), and then I dig deeper by contacting these website owners from the previous reports of different orders.

They waited a week til they ban me to their group. I already contacted Floate I'd pay for a pinned post for my sale worth $300/day. They just waited til I pay and my terms are over and then banned me altogether.

Plenty of screenshots, you can feast your eyes here -- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x5n9ewznbtx8ypw/AABio1FjIQdpe8WVJIercXOGa?dl=0

If you want more screenies, I will capture and upload them. Some of our convos (such as that of Charles Floate and Weldon Stanford) I did not bother to save them in the same folder.

Do not bother ordering in loveto.links website. Half of them are Charles hybrid PBNs. He said it too himself. I can give you a screenie if requested.
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I faced same problems before but on different scenario. What you can do is on evidence just sent them your conversation through email, chat or any other messenger where he admitted to give you good links rather than fraud links. Paypal need a proof not a service ratio or work details where they know whether the links working or not. Only conversation screenshot is the last option to send them as evidence or proof.
Dude you from the U.K.? Go sort this issue out directly with Floate. Address: Unit 1 Stag Industrial Estate Oxford Street, Bilston, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom, WV14 7HZ

Go in the day that is his office/mum's office address. See what the little punk says in person about ripping people off.

source: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09668077
Overnight I got an email from Gregory...

So it is safe to say somebody is trolling here (given the fact that anybody can view this thread) and reported it them, OR probably they have accounts here. I don't want to engage in private convo now, let the whole world knows the story, so I don't have to hide anyth. If this forum blocked me for exposing the truth, then I may say this forum is nothing but the same FB group they have (they conspired together to ban me because I "stole" someone else's time and property, according to Weldon, so LOL!).

So read this again and again, check the updated screenshot in Folder "ev3" because I am not going to go over this again. I am not trying to name and shame ya'll, I am simply letting people know what you guys are up to.

Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u4e7t705w5trzo9/AABokjgcIUq7tnSWlGuR8_gJa?dl=0

Let me outline this:
  • Vadym has 7k sites, I have the list for anyone who wants them.
  • Vadym has 1 group of sellers that he told in the open (James Gregory and Sathish)
  • Vadym also has another person, John Pim, to sell his backlinks (Serpship.com, formerly Ranknest) here in BHW and others.
  • Me and Vadym had 1 JV, which I servered off because of the fact that he start naming other services and labeled "scrubs" who uses the term "niche edit" that he claimed.

  • Patrick from Serpchampion had been buying my services.
  • He ordered niche edit from me, but sell it to owners as guest post. Because of this, he got lots of upset clients. My fault? I don't think so, I have constantly remind him to tell his clients honestly what he is delivering, but the guy seems too high not to understand it.
  • One of his client, after delivering report, found out that I have placed the link in a site that James Gregory already placed it for him.
  • Then later lie outstraight to me that one of his clients wants refund, but later found out the same client said to "proceed". (this is another client from above point)

  • I dig deeper, randomly choosing links from different order reports in the past, and emailed the site owners.
  • When later I found out that John Pim, my provider, has been selling hacked links, I tried to dispute paypal.
  • So, seeing that Gregory+Sathish+Pim are pooling into one provider, who admits to himself he use to "mess around big sites", plus the association of Charles who is an ex-con and a hacker as well, what else do you expect eh?

  • I contacted Charles before this thing happen and we had a deal to post my sale thread for $300/3 days (correction)
  • After I paid and my terms are over, they banned me.
  • I got the money back from Charlie.
  • Also, Charles admitted that he owned half of the sites in Loveto.links and Freedom Links (both services claims to be genuine guest posts).

So, to correct...
  • I am not disputing Paypal against James.
  • I did not say you sell bad links; I'm saying they're hacked links. Should I contact the site owner of that single link to prove I am right?
  • IDK why email me, when you know exactly what you are doing.
  • FYI, Charles here is not welcome. Everybody hates him, so why attack me? Was it because I expose you off?
  • Lastly, I pity all your members in BHC Marketplace and Proper PBN because probably half of them don't know you are deceiving them. I msg a few people there and ask if they know about this, and they don't and they're quite disgusted on them now.
All the stuff I said is not made up. Screenshots are there to prove it. You made your bed guys, so you're complaining why you're sleeping on it?

@MikeyMikey13, nope not from UK.
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Hi, this is Patrick from SERPchampion

Dear Blackhat World members: Do NOT believe what llcool89 is saying.

I just discovered this post from you Julie. And honestly, I am disgusted by this one-sided post of yours!

I honestly wanted to dispute you via PayPal but I decided to let it go because it's not worth my time or energy to deal with you.

Here's the real story:

I indeed hired her to do guest posts and niche edits for us, because there were some people that recommended her service.

I genuinely wanted to work with her UNTIL I saw the links, the language of the guest posts and not knowing that she was using link injections without notice.

She mentions that she was a "co-owner" of those blogs, and had existing relationships with the bloggers. I guess that was a lie?

However, I discovered that her links were being removed or re-used without any notice AFTER I paid her.

Also, I've paid her a lot of money, and I lost over $1.5K worth of links because she simply decided to take my money and never respond via Facebook anymore.

She mentioned that she would place them later because "she was working on her new service" but that NEVER happened.

Julie, YOU are the scammer here and you robbed me of my money and a lot of others.

I'm truly disgusted that you vanish after receiving my money, and then badmouthing us on a forum like we're the scammers here.
in complicated cases simply file unathorizted transcation and your money will be refunded even if it was 15K usd
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