Everything apple accessories. Available for wholesale.

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    I'm finally going to put my connections to good use and give you access (via me) to everything apple. (Except the hardware itself, i.e. phones, ipads, ipods and computers) (For the USA only)

    Here is what I have available to you with high quality and super cheap:
    For the Iphone:
    * Batteries
    * Chargers & Adapters
    * Cables
    * Car Solutions
    * Cases & Skins
    * Earphones/Headphones
    * Screen Protectors
    * Speaker Systems
    * Misc

    For the IPAD
    * Car Solutions
    * Chargers & Adapters
    * Cases & Sleeves
    * Screen Protectors
    * Other Gadgets

    For the IPOD
    * Batteries
    * Chargers & Adapters
    * Carhargers
    * Cases & Wristbands
    * Earphones/Headphones
    * Speaker Systems
    * Some Misc. items

    For the MacBook
    * Batteries
    * AC Adapters
    * External Chargers
    * Keyboards
    (Of course for the macbook, I will need to know which model you need the accessories for)

    I also have access to quite a few other things, if you don't need apple in specific, contact me via PM with item specifics and I'll see if I can find it for you.

    Also, I am mostly wanting to sell products wholesale in bulk, but if you can make it worth my time with drop shipping I'll consider it.

    Only PM me if you have a product in mind that you'd wish to sell, I will not send you prices for all of the products available. Please be specific.

    P.S. I only accept Paypal. Delivery time can take up to 2 weeks.

    Do you have more questions? PM me.