Ever noticed how slow the Member Downloads are getting?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by steviej815, Apr 19, 2012.

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    No offence to the admins, but we got used to the Member Downloads to be like WSO just released, and bam the
    info was right here on the forum with all the trimmings.

    The guys that are dead and gone who supplied them, like Extreme, Solar2010 are gone.

    Who knows, maybe after this post I'll be dead and gone!

    I'm not saying these guy's shouldn't be dead and gone, what I guess I'm saying is that the former
    heros of us guys who are not hackers that used to live to come to this forum to find the products
    we drooled about through the emails we receive from affiliates of the wso's and clickbank. Well, we
    need semi honest replacements. One's that don't share what goes on in BHW in other forums and
    their personal blogs to help us newbies and little guys.

    Anyway, I've said my piece!

    We need another HERO of the Forum, Please STEP UP!

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    Step up yourself.
    I've been threatened with lawsuits buy sharing stuff that I have bought and shared.
    I've had my personal details posted on the board which was really funny as I am in business
    and anyone can find it with a google search.
    It's not hard to find shares It's just most of us are too busy making money.