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    OK, I've been following this site for a little while now and I recently started posting and did it all wrong. So apologies for that, my first post was a request (you knwo how it is you feel like you know the forum, and are desperate for a fix to your problem! ANyway...) and I should have done that old fashioned thing of INTRODUCING myself first. So a little late, but here goes.


    I've been around on the net for over 15 years now, in the beggining it was just me, IRC, TelNet and AltaVista. Over the years I've seen trends, fads, and all manner of things come n go. I've had sites, lists and consulted on websites and all of it has been learned online. BN; Before the Net I was an Engineer. AN; After the Net I have been many, many things, consultant, designer, performer and netrepreneur.
    I now consult on SEO and online promotions and create sites, communities and incomes for those who use my services.
    I don't claim to know it all, there's stuff that I don't know that some newbies probably do. But that's the great thing about the net, you never stop learning. The moment you think "I know it all" You're sunk. It's the one thing I have in my life that when you wake up can be totally different than when you went to bed. I love NetQuakes, where the shape of a niche is totally changed by a news story or social shift. I love that opportunities abound and never stop throwing themselves your way.

    For the future; I am building my passive income ready for the big pay day exit but for now every day, every visitor and every name on a list is a battle and a hard fought victory.

    My advice to everyone is never give up, never quit, success is for people who try one more time than they fail, who get up one more time than they get beat down. So try to learn from your mistakes, make informed tweaks and change your game then try again.

    Onwards and upwards!
    P.S. Having learned my lesson I'll try to contribute now!