EUROPEANS and AMERICANS- Need Some Suggestions Please

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    In my last few threads I said that am going to move to UK (for studies, non EU). Well, that plan is still alive but there has been some changes. I believe in gun ownership for self defense. I know foreigners can't own guns in any country, am talking from a citizen perspective. Since it's not possible to own a gun in UK (except for the most basic ones, after a great deal of hassles and paper work, AND yeah, no right to use lethal force even in face of potentially fatal threat), I have been looking into other countries to settle down post MBA. Czech Republic seems to be a great choice. Great and beautiful country with liberal gun laws. The other option is Switzerland. But it looks like I will grow a white beard before I get a PR there.:rolleyes:

    So, my question is - Is it possible to move to Czech Republic after doing my MBA in London, at least after getting 2-3 years experience in London? Are Czechs receptive about foreigners or the situation is like Eastern Europe, where I have heard, people are skeptical about non whites (no offence intended). FYI, I look like a tanned Italian, not brown (again, no racist connotation intended). And how the hell can I learn some Czech beforehand? It's not like French or German, about which there are online courses, institutes and books everywhere. So, any help about moving to Czech Republic is appreciated.:)

    For Americans - who can forget USA when considering gun ownership? But it's simply not possible for me to afford MBA in USA. Seems like you guys are trying to beat NASA budget in education costs! And I have no idea how to move to US apart from getting a degree there. Feel free to express yourself...

    I still plan to pursue IM full time in future. But being from India, I simply CAN NOT walk into a Embassy and ask for a residence visa saying "I am an Internet Marketer". That's why I will take a job post MBA, till I manage to settle down somewhere.

    It's late night here in India, but am posting now since during daytime I remain busy running between UK High Commission, Educational Institutions, Banks and Passport Office.

    Please reply guys.:)
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    The hell do you need a gun for you pussy, grow some balls and learn to fight like a man. If you move to the UK there is like 0.001% chance you will even see a gun in public and you are talking about defending yourself. Carry a shank if your so damn scared to walk down the street.

    Also this is not a immigration forum don't expect much feedback about your question of moving around after you done your MBA. Go speak to your solicitor for advice seriously wtf.
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    What the guy said above me! Fight like a man!
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    Hey unless you are going to study for an MBA at a top school then theres no point in moving abroad. Theres some excellent MBA courses available online

    I am 2/3rd's through an MBA and heres the deal. I dont know if I will even bother finishing it.. The initial modules were a buzz, but after that its a lot of old business models rehashed and complicated to death....A bit like a WSO.

    My advise to you is if you are an Engineer or Consultant in a bluechip company then an MBA will help you double your salary...If you are an unemployed IM guy an MBA will not get you on the ladder to riches.

    As for your gun question...dont want to turn this into a gun control thread because some people love there guns...and thats cool....but statistically you are safer in a country with gun laws.

    If you are going ahead with the MBA I can send you over a required reading list that will start you off. The reading required for an MBA is pretty hardcore
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    Europe is not US. Most likely if you are a bit careful you will not need a gun.

    If you like guns so much you may want to live in US. In all European countries I have been or lived if you carry a gun then you are the problem.
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