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    Jun 3, 2013
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    I hope I'm in the right section, but as you can see from my username and this post, I am creating a brand called EscapeWeight. It will be a brand that represents solution(s) for the weight loss niche and also branch off into nutrition, fitness, and etc. The brand is called EscapeWeight.

    Currently I have a ecomm shop setup and I have began setting up products. I am trying to build some capital with this shop. The shop is not the fate of the brands name. Its just a stepping stone to build the brand and make some money on the way. I will be distributing herbalife currently on the shop. More companies will be added soon.

    I was wondering if I could be missing out on any other business. Am I monetizing this domain the right way?

    If there are any recommendations, please feel free to comment!