Erm...[small] Payment from Ebay...Even though Banned?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by shylesson, Jul 29, 2009.

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    K so I got a payment from Ebay the other day. But before you think big $, it was really almost not enough to ask about, but I am just oh so curious as to why. And it said from Ebaypartner Network so at first I thought it was a phishing attempt since I got banned from Egay like 3-4+ months ago [something like that, idk]. So I logged into my paypal and low and behold, a payment [minute as it was]. Soooooo what I'm why?

    Let me set the stage even further; I had used the account for testing when I was playing with BlogSlammer! last year or something like that [fyi, if you want to do Egay w/o stuffing, BlogSlammer! does work well I'd reckon...I just forgot about it at the time and hadn't logged back in for a few months to check my stats...did pretty good off a single blast to 80ish blogs]. Then I forgot about it for another 4-5 months, got it banned before even getting to get payment so never been paid from EPN before, and now 3-4 months later, I have this itty bitty minuscule payment in my box. I'm not experienced with EPN so I'm just like what the deuce? I tried to login to my account to see if maybe they messed up, and I still am banned so idk what's the dealio. Now I'd really like it if in a few months I could get my not so itty bitty statement into my just wondering....=P