equivalent to a reseller certificate in Canada?

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    Dec 13, 2011
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    I`ve been on the phone for over an hour and connected to 9+ different government agents, still dont know.

    One of them didnt understand why i would need it at all ,b/c the items are going to be taxed at the border, unless i have a commercial license- which sill has 5 % gst taxed on the goods.

    i think i narrowed it down to either a HST license/number or a Master business license. Even then, all the agents seem pretty confused as to what i need.

    Another problem is, if i make less then 30k a year i dont have to collect tax, but if i get a HST number- i have to collect tax regardless of how much money i make /year.

    For those of you who reside in Canada and buy merchandise to resell, what do i need to know in terms of collecting taxes/hidden fees at the border/licenses/permits. My goal was to buy wholesale/liquidated goods and resell them online and on CL.

    Thought this was simple, but after talking to those agents- i dont know if its as easy or as profitable as i thought .