Epic Problem with Laptop battery

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    My Laptop got shut down showing 0% battery..
    Then I plugged laptop to charger, and Suddenly battery shows 72% charged.

    And when I remove charger, It shows 34%.

    What kins of Problem is it.?
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    Battery needs replacing I'd say.

    Confirm it by doing the following (assuming It's Windows):

    - Click Start button and type cmd in Search programs and files box
    - Right click on cmd.exe listed at the top of the Start menu and click Run as administrator
    - In the command prompt type cd %userprofile%/Desktop and press Enter
    - Next type powercfg -energy in the command prompt and press Enter

    powercfg will enable a trace for 60 seconds. If you want to use it for more information than just the battery details, make sure no other processes are running during that time.

    When finished, powercfg will generate a report (in HTML format) which shows errors, warnings etc. Since this script directed the command prompt to your desktop, the report will be placed on your desktop as energy-report.html. Just open the report in your web browser & scroll down to the Battery Information section.

    Although, if you just want to replace the battery and see what happens, that'll work too.

    Hope this helps. If you want me to put this into a clickable .bat file or need anymore assistance, feel free to PM me.
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