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Epayments - Fast growing association for online marketers

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Imm0rtal88, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Feb 16, 2013
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    Hello Forum! Join Now Epayments
    go to
    First of all i want to make clear, that i am not the owner of the company.I am just a happy member and i wanted to

    share my experience!

    Why i enjoy being paid by Epayments

    Because i get paid by my affiliate program without any fees!I get all my money i worked for!
    Because i can buy ANYTHING online and offline without any fees!
    Because i can withdraw from any ATM that has the mastercard logo, up to 3k in a day with my FREE mastercard they

    provided me!
    Because they charge me the very LOW fees when i withdraw my money, $1.5 per transaction!

    I am currently builting my own affiliate network.I will certenly choose Epayments as a paying solution to my

    members because
    i really enjoy the benefits of being paid by them and i think my community would love a free mastercard, zero fees

    to their hard harked money, buy anything online and the convenience
    of withdrawing your money from any ATM with $1.5 fee.

    Here is the complete list of the Epayments fees

    POS Rules
    Number of purchases - no limit
    Value of purchases - no limit

    ATM Rules
    Number of ATM transactions - no limit
    Value of ATM withdrawal - $3 000 per ATM transaction
    Value of ATM withdrawal - $3 000 per day
    Value of ATM transactions - $12 000 for a 4 day period
    Maximum ATM withdraw(Lifetime) - no limit

    Loading Rules
    Min single load - $10
    Max single load - $10 000
    Max daily load - $20 000
    Number of loads - 2 per day
    Max lifetime load - no limit

    Card Activation - free
    Point-of-sale (POS) transactions - free
    ATMs - $1.50 per transaction
    Active Account fee, per month - free
    Inactive Account fee, per month - free
    Abandoned Account fee, per month (after 6 months of no use) - $10.00
    Account Closure - $5.00
    Lost/Stolen Card Replacement - $35.00
    Royal Mail Delivery - free
    Express Delivery - $89.95

    Electronic Payments Association Fees:

    ePayments eWallet
    Incoming Bank Wire Transfers - free
    Internal Payment - free
    Mass Payment - free
    Load Funds to ePayments MasterCard - free
    Unload Funds from ePayments MasterCard - free
    Annual Fee - $34.95

    Who is the Electronic Payments Association?

    It’s the fast growing, low cost, trustworthy association for online marketers.

    The Electronic Payments Association (EPA) was set up for internet professionals who were tired of slow, expensive

    and unreliable access to their affiliate commissions.

    So now we provide a cost-effective, fast and secure way for companies and individuals to make and receive payments

    across international borders.

    Membership is open to individuals and businesses involved in all areas of affiliate marketing.
    The easy to use platform helps members manage their commission income efficiently, and access their funds via a

    members’ only ePayments Prepaid MasterCard┬«.
    The EPA also helps Advertisers and Affiliate Networks significantly reduce their costs by making multiple

    commission payments more economically.

    Join Now Epayments
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