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    I been lurcking around here for the while, and I love this place, people who shares common goals trying to help each other to achieve success in our diffucult path called "Entertainment Business".

    Only together we can improve each other by sharing views experience and knwoledge.

    I'm promoter working in NYC, mostly promotning brooklyn, manhattan nightclubs. Me and My buddy are openning up an enterntaiment company, and been brain storming for a while now, not much sucesffull -

    However we can up with name "Eros", as many probably already know Eros in Greek mythology, was the Greek god of love, which pretty much does suit our vision - Nightclubs, Party People, Fun, Love, Energy, etc..

    Like to get peoples opinions, and ideas on the name, what they think about it, what does "Eros" associate to you with, does it even work as an NightClub promotion name.. Or maybe you have any other idea's for the name?

    We'll also need to come up with second part of the name to get domain registered - We're thinking something along "Eros Clubbing".

    Thanks alot guys, much appreciate your input and help!
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    When i think of the word eros, i think of love, happiness, and everyone having a good time!. Its a feel good moment. I dont want this moment to end. Welcome to BHW.