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    Plz transfer thread and discuss in another section. I was wrong.
    Hello, boys.
    We are a SEO-agency of Russia, and we desperately need an experienced copywriter who writes in English. We do not need a magician and a second Stiveng King; need a just a person who writes nicely and competently.

    The task is quite simple: we need 76 texts about the service, which allows you to download videos and music from YouTube.

    Each text has a the main key. It is essential that the text was written under this key. In the future, we will use the exact match key as the anchor for the link. Sometimes keys of list repeat, but it should be. If the key is repeated 2-4 times, then it is necessary to write a 2-4 texts.

    We do not want to risk it and give all the work to one performer. Therefore, we give a few small orders several professionals in a heartbeat.

    We are ready to discuss issues with each, and if you have questions you can write directly on Skype (zaharcka (Taganrog)).

    List of keys will public in thread. Cannot attach it.
    Should write positively.
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