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    had a friend show me this site empowr was wandering if anyone knows if its legit it says you have too wait 90 days to get your money i went ahead and signed up but didnt want to waste my time if it was a scam. i think it sounds fishy but ive talked to others that say its real and they been in business for a long time. has anyone heard of this company?
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    Never heard of them.
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    First impressions of their website is that it is indeed a scam. Seems like a pyramid scheme to me.

    Don't waste your money with these people, there are a lot of legit ways to do affiliate marketing and make money.
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    I join them too and make a few bucks $500 in less than 10 days based on referals. I talk with my Success Coach and there is a few aspects that you should know. You need a credit card or a verified PayPal account with a credit card in order to withdraw money. The money generated with empowr must stay in empowr for 90 days before you can withdraw and you must pay some money that you owe them first. They will clean out ($2 dollars at the time) your PayPal Account or Credit Card to pay for advertising that will generate revenue on your profile.

    Once i found out about this i simply give up the account. It's a well elaborate scam.
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    Hi All,

    empowr is a social economy built to provide opportunities to people all around the world through a social network platform that is easily accessible. It is a place where people can share content, advertise, sell products or services, and teach others how to use the site while gaining monetary compensation.

    We are sorry to hear about your experience on empowr thus far and hope that we can take this time to educate some people on exactly what empowr is attempting to do.

    First, empowr continues to improve its education system, so that all users can fully understand the platform. We understand that empowr is different than any other platforms currently available, which is why we have placed such emphasis on providing its citizens with as many resources as possible. With free, trained, 24-hour Success Coaches available to answer questions, and over 30 tutorial videos addressing major parts of the site, we are only continuing to add tools.

    When joining empowr, it’s important to understand the platform’s mission, goals, and functionality.

    empowr is most certainly not a get rich quick scheme. You won’t be able to join, put in minimal effort, and take home a big paycheck. If you’re looking to put in quality time and effort to build up your own long-term brand or empire, then empowr is the place to be. It takes a lot more than posting a few photos and statuses to be successful on the platform. There are various actions that need to be taken so that you’re maximizing your daily earnings. We’ve recently added new ways for users to know exactly what actions to take on a given day to make sure they’re not missing out on any earnings.

    When you first join, empowr extends Ad Credits to you to get your earnings going. These Ad Credits are what allow you to begin earning in the first place. These are completely optional- you can always choose to turn off your earnings. You can also adjust your account settings to ensure that no automatic payments are occurring, or even minimize the Ad Credits that you’re using. To keep it simple, the site is free of charge unless you choose a different option.

    To address the maturation period comment, your 90-day matured earnings minus any ad credits utilized and fees are what you have available to cash out. Your earnings mature 90 days after they are earned. While no one likes to have “fees”- these are fees that need to be repaid prior to cashing out for a service that empowr has provided for you. Maturity is what allows users to earn- it allows money to circulate throughout the economy, and ultimately reward those who are working the hardest.

    A common misconception is that the second you’ve hit your 90-mark of being an empowr member, you’re suddenly going to have a huge amount of money to cash out. This is where your Ad Credits come into play. Remember, that the only reason you’ve even earned anything at all is due to these Ad Credits. Which again, are completely optional. If you’re measuring your success by the amount of days you’ve spent logging in and out, you’re not measuring your success at all.

    When it comes to paying your fees, there are a couple different ways to go about doing this. If paying upfront isn’t for you and you don’t want to pay your fees until later- that’s an option too!

    That’s also a reason empowr offers different Power User Subscriptions- the higher your power level, the more you earn and the more of your fees can be paid with your earnings.

    empowr is in the process of introducing so many awesome and exciting changes- a revamp of the marketplace, ridding the platform of bots and fraudulent activity, increasing cash outs for everyone, expanding and improving its educational resources, making it easier for users to track and choose their earning path and overall creating an exciting and thriving economy.

    We're always here to help whenever needed and here to answer any questions!


    empowr support team
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    Your earnings "mature," huh?

    Sounds like every other pyramid scheme on the planet.

    OP, I wouldn't risk it. Start an amazon affiliate site instead. This is just some really fancy bullshit.