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Mar 7, 2012
Hello guys, so I need your opinion about domain. I got 2 options: first is EMD .org and second is emd + 2014 or something like that but .com what you think it's better? I'm not even sure if it's good to have EMD nowdays bescause of kw stuffing :( ? What's your opinion..
Another vote for the .org. I don't think there are any disadvantages to having an EMD, it just doesn't give as much of a boost as before.
I'm using some EMD's as tier 1 links in my PBN.. They are ranking just fine for their own KW's.... Just treat them like any other website, and they are just like any other website from what I can tell.
the question you need to ask and consider is whether or not it is going to "date",
e.g. if it is something massive in 2014, but going to wane next year, then go for emd + 2014
if it is something in the future, e.g. SEO2018, then go for emd + 2018
if it is to stay evergreen, then .org is your choice.

Hope that helps.
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