EMD place with Main website?

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    Hi All,

    I am in the process of building my "money site", it is a legitimate e-commerce business. I built a previous site with about 200 hours worth of work for my previous company that now pulls in ~12kUSD per month. So i figure why the heck play around with adwords, and affiliate when I can build a company that will be at 20k/month in about 8-12 months(Building the site before and after my 9-5).

    So the niche has tons of EMD (dotkom,dotnet,dotorg) available with 200-800 exact searches per month. I want to build up my main site as much as possbile, but I still now these EMD can bring in quite a bit of revenue and will rank extremely easily and quickly.

    I have a few ideas on how to monetize these without taking up too much time.

    Idea 1:Wordpress blog on the product, with links to money site.
    Idea 2:Create a similar ecommerce site on the product(s) and have all purchasing links go to money site?

    Are these essiantly the same? I am inclined to believe option 2 would lead to more conversions?