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Discussion in 'CPA' started by Dionisio, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Hello guys, someone have success in promoting Email Submit Offer ? (CPAGrip/ADWorkMedia)

    It seems they steal conversions..
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    A lot of CPA networks end up looking like they are shaving. I would bet most of the time, it's just that they decided a lead wasn't legit or maybe someone had already submitted some point in the past?
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    I've had my share of experiences dealing with networks and advertisers over the shaving. The following conversation I had with a network is regarding being held to a set ecpc no matter what I did to improve it. I had to battle to get a fair deal, more or less telling the network I know what they're up to and I need them to stop it if they wanted more traffic. I suggest speaking with the network owner over these issues.

    Roger Miller: epc at 19, that work for you?

    Elliot305 .: well, can you explain why the ecpc can't just be what it is? I've been in the game long enough to know how it works, but its hard to scale when I'm being held back if you know what I mean.

    Elliot305 .: you guys certainly pay the highest I've ever seen on an email submit, but with you being in control over the ecpc, I could have a $5 payout and it won't do me any good.

    Roger Miller: i dont control epc

    Elliot305 .: I understand the business of trying to reduce exposure on your end

    Elliot305 .: well, the advertiser

    Roger Miller: advertiser does

    Elliot305 .: thats what I meant

    Elliot305 .: I can send traffic each day

    Elliot305 .: but I had to turn campaigns off

    Roger Miller: how come you had to turn off

    Elliot305 .: its hard to scale if one campaign is doing well and then the ecpc drops because another campaign does better and one needs to drop to make up the difference to be at that .19 level

    Elliot305 .: because I've been seeing that happen

    Elliot305 .: makes it hard to leave multiple campaigns on

    Elliot305 .: thats what Im seeing from my end at least

    Elliot305 .: Am I correct in how that works?

    Elliot305 .: if one campaign has a .25 ecpc

    Elliot305 .: my other campaign must will drop from .20 ecpc down to down to .14

    Elliot305 .: making it an even .19

    Elliot305 .: I'm just curious why we can't just have the campaign be what it is

    Elliot305 .: obviously its not being controlled upwardly, where I'm getting credit for leads I never generated

    Elliot305 .: so why just control it downwardly?

    Elliot305 .: makes it tough to scale

    Elliot305 .: in short, my campaigns are counteracting with each other

    Roger Miller: the email submit advertiser works with a lot of different companies who provide offers for his co-reg path. Any given day an offer could be under performing...usually the way it works is when they notice that an offer isnt converitng as it should on their co-reg path they swap it out. However the time it takes them to notice and swap it out from the time you start can be and hour or more....effecting your epc. Also, a lot of offers on their path report sales once every 6-12 hours, so if you're not sending traffic everyday the advertiser won't be sure of your traffic to blindly give you a higher epc... from the first time you send.... also alot of email submits have different co-reg paths which are optimized to work with that lander.

    Roger Miller: what is the lowest epc you can work with we are going to try to get you a cpc deal. But you have to promise to ensure thattraffic quality wont change

    Roger Miller: by lowest we dont mean that is what you will get

    Roger Miller: but we need a starting point to negotiate it out

    Elliot305 .: i hear ya, but my conversion rate should just be what it is. then if its under performing then my payout should change. this way it makes it linear for all my campaigns and one what effect another

    Elliot305 .: As you know, the #1 rule when looking for offers is seeing what the ecpc is rather than payout. The payout is super good but the advertiser controlling the ecpc is hard to overcome. I've done submit for awhile now and usually get .30 cent ecpcs, and thats on just a $1.25 payout.

    Roger Miller: just a sec ima check something out

    Elliot305 .: I don't know what the right answer is for what my ecpc is. Perhaps the right answer is just let it be what it is. Again, its not like its being controlled upwardedly where I am getting are these backend leads to adust it upwardedly, etc.

    Elliot305 .: so having that down pressure is hard to overcome

    Roger Miller: can you give me a day

    Roger Miller: im gonna have a discussion with email sub advertiser about this

    Roger Miller: and i will let you know the outcome

    Roger Miller: and thank you for voicing your concerns with me

    Roger Miller: i will figure it out and see what we can do for ya

    Roger Miller: after i talk with advertiser tomorrow
    Elliot305 .: sure thing

    Elliot305 .: I dont mind sending traffic, but certainly this control is having a direct effect on my campaigns competing against each other. The way its currently set up, 1 campaign wins, the others lose and the ecpc is at the median of .19.

    Elliot305 .: I can see in real time this happening. All day one campaign is doing well, I launch another campaign totally unrelated to the first one, it performs really well and then the first campaign now start under performing.

    Elliot305 .: thus, I can't scale
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    OMG! Robbery robbery robbery.. :spy:
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    What network was that with ?
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    If you fear about having too little conversions because of abundant shaving policies, don't even attempt to try and send traffic to that network and either make your own email submit landing page and push your own offers or direct your unique visitors to a different company so you can get better rates and easily surpass your past lead ratio.