Email Marketing - where to start?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by whirlwind92, May 17, 2015.

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    Hi guys. I used to own my own business making 3-4k a month but the site shut me down.
    I read so many threads about people making 10k-40k a month with email marketing. I'm a college student but I don't really have a strong background in marketing.

    I read about adultdatelink affiliates advertising and getting money by landing pages and that sort.
    I also read about finding an item on clickbank, making a landing page for that and making money from this.

    Can anyone recommend me a step-by-step guide to learn the proper steps into getting into this field and slowly start making money? From my understanding so far I've been told to make a website, find an affiliate like ADL?, advertise ADL on your website by bringing in traffic which will eventually turn into clicks and leads, and that's how you make money.

    Sorry if I sound like a n00b, just a young female looking to make a new business.
    I appreciate the help!
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    I understand that you're a newbie but what you need to learn is nobody will ever spoon-feed you. We're here to help and will share a lot of amazing methods but we need to make money as well so we won't share the exact methods we use and you can't expect to follow the exact method mentioned in the thread either because every 'method' thread receives easily 10K-15K views and atleast 500-700 people use in some manner out of which half of them follow it blindly and then later cry that the method doesn't works.

    It didn't work because that's not how it works! You need to add your own twists, mix and match different methods, come up with your own creative ideas and then implement it and then you can expect to achieve some success.

    To start with Email Marketing, I would recommend you to must read all of these threads:

    Some of these are old but again, we are NOT going to follow any of them blindly and will be adding different twists to make them work! You can also have a look at the BHW Marketplace to get some tools which you will help you in scaling up the method if you have got some money to invest.

    P.S. I would suggest you to try out the same method which you were making money with previously to get some cash again, it would be easier as you know everything about it already. Then, you can use that money to invest in some nice Email Marketing campaigns to speed up the learning process and start making money from it.
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    Make an email template before your blast them out to your subscriber list and then easily manage a promotion technique that works best for your personality.

    Don;t spam too much, make a couple months of auto responding blast delayed across a fortnightly time span.
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    Hi Guys,

    please use TSLimpact for best results.
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    Email marketing is all about enticing your target audiences by highlighting the usefulness of your products or services through your email. Because receiving a letter gives us happiness, most business owners, especially start ups and small businesses, use emails to build a rapport with potential customers.

    Here are some crucial points to ponder over beforehand.

    1. Easy Subscription
    2. What Should Your Subscribers Expect?
    3. Welcome New Subscribers
    4. Newsletter Design Should Suit Your Brand
    5. Grab Attention Immediately
    6. Give Them What They Want
    7. Send Emails Regularly
    8. Revise, Edit & Proofread
    9. Test Your Newsletter Design
    10. Include Social Media

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