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    I have a couple questions about email marketing.

    1. Where is a good place to get email lists? I'm really looking for a partner that would split the profits 50/50 and supply the email list.

    2. What type of offers are good? I'm really looking to do email sign up offers.

    3. Any advice for someone new to email monetizing would be great.
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    I can scrape emails for you from Instagram, i have an IG scraper :)

    What do you use in sending your emails?
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    I've been mailing purchased data for over 16 years and there is much more to it than just getting data and sending it.

    If you don't have experience mailing, it will be difficult getting rev-share data. Think about it, if it was your data, would you provide it to users that don't know what they are doing?

    Email / zip submits are almost always a waste of time promoting.

    I heavily promote PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers. This is because there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a sale to be made.

    I favor offers that have a make, get or save money benefit to them, as they have overall worked the best. They also tend to have the greatest mass appeal (will be of interest to a large general audience), so the potential exists to produce high volume and they are fairly easy to cross promote on the back-end.

    Some of the verticals (niches) I have done extremely well with are: education, insurance, loans, debt, credit, mortgage, assistance, discount offers, homeowner offers, etc...

    The bulk of the offers that I promote pay $20-$40 per lead, but I also promote offers that pay more and less. You don't want to get too caught up on what an offer pays because how well it converts is just as important. For example, if you have an offer that pays $9, but if it converts at 2X or more of a $20 offer, then it will perform about the same or possibly better. At the same time, if you have an offer that pays $90 and it converts poorly, it may not even be worth promoting.

    Bottom line: it's far easier to get someone fill out a short form than to get them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. So why struggle with trying to sell this or that, when you can provide free information that users want/need and get paid well doing it.

    I drive traffic by acquiring 3rd party email data, which is data that the users have shown an interest in a specific vertical(niche) and have given permission to receive messages from third parties. You get the opt-in record for every user and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

    By acquiring data, I'm building assets that I then own and can market to over and over at very low cost. So I control and can drive traffic on-demand to the offers I'm promoting. Which is key to CPA / affiliate marketing success. However, 3rd party data will rarely be as responsive as a high-quality opt-in list you build yourself. But it really doesn't matter because it is much cheaper and highly scalable compared to convention list building.

    You don't want to just buy data blindly and you want to get it from reputable sources. You should always test a small, but adequate size sample and see how it performs. Then based on your test you will have a much better idea how quickly it will take to get break-even and what it is really worth to you.

    The key to making it work long term is to always be collecting your opens / clickers, segmenting, and removing unresponsive users. That way over time you are building smaller, but more responsive lists that you should eventually be able to send less and make more with each mailing. Essentially you are converting the data from quantity to quality.

    Basically, I monetize the data using PPL offers because they offer the path of least resistance to generating conversions($$$) and converting the data into cash producing assets. So it's really been the combination of the two PPL and data acquisition that has worked so well for me.

    Fresh / targeted 3rd party data is widely available for PPL verticals because they have mass appeal and a lot of data is generated on a daily basis for them. Where small niches or ones that are mainly driven by sales, for the most part, are more difficult to find if they even exist.

    Obviously, there is more to it, but done right it can be extremely profitable. Everyone that I know that is in the business and knows what they are doing, for the most part, does 6-7 figures. While that's a huge range, much comes down to one's ability to scale and effectively build / manage the infrastructure needed to scale.

    You either need to start buying 3rd party data and learn the business through trial and error or get trained by someone already in the business and can hook you up with rev-share data.
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    Added you man (eM....)

    Been looking for someone who knows what they're doing in the bulk mailing biz for a minute now.

    Do let me know if you'd be willing to lend a hand to an up and comer - technical side of things & scaling.

    Pretty sick with the copy so I might be able to help you with a few things as well.

    Best regards

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    @eMonetize what PPL companies do you recommend?