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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Marko1801, Mar 2, 2015.

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    With my Aweber auto responder series I always try to keep my spam score as low as I possibly can, on most of my messages Ive managed to get my score as low as 0.1, however I have one message in particular that has a score of 1.5 which results in an over 25% drop in open rate.

    The spam score message reads "BODY: Message only has HTML/Mime parts". Does anyone know what this means and how to solve it so I can lower my Spam score??

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    I have GetResponse and my spam score is always 2.20.

    It is a glitch in their system and that may be what you are seeing.

    If i write an email to my list that says happy birthday with a template GR gives me it still gives me a spam score of 2.20
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    That's a pretty straightforward error message. It means the body of your message is HTML only. To lower the spam score you need to make sure the email has a plain text version. This is because some email clients won't interpret the HTML, so if there is no plain text version they may not be able to read your message at all.

    This is unusual because Aweber usually automatically produces a plain text version of your HTML emails, but you must have disabled it or be using a custom HTML template.

    Anyway, to read more about it, here's the first result from a Google search about the error msg: