Email Marketing 100% anonymously?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by plonka, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Oct 23, 2013
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    Long story short, I have a good email list that I want to monetize, but that list was "borrowed" from somewhere else. I want to use if for my own benefit but don't feel safe using it unless I can find a 100% anonymous way of doing that. The only places I guess my identity could be stored is:

    -my email address
    -physical address entered in mailchimp
    -somehow from my aff links?

    If I make a new email, fake address in mailchimp, could a receiver somehow track me down? And what mass emailing platform would you recommend for a 10k list?

    And last quesiton, is it possible for a receiver to somehow access the whole list (im positive that it's impossible but figured i'd ask anyways)?