Email Marketer Needed (No links, No Ads, Small Verified lists)

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    Hello. I run a small company that provides real services (on-location) all over the world. (just 2 of us travel internationally) I have been personally given lists from client connections along with some personally hand scraped lists (very few however). They range in size from 300 - 1500 in size. All are verified days before given to you. (using a reliable online pay service)

    I need a message to go out to these clients simply asking if they have received my last message. We hire freelancers to send PERSONAL letters to these people, so they have already received our email once. We get good business from this, however, we find that if we send a second email out asking if they received our first, we get a few more customers.

    I need someone who can -

    1. Send these emails without being marked as spam
    2. Can have the reply address to our gmail address w/out having the HEADER WARNING or PHISHING SCAM message come up (always happens with gmail)
    3. Be reliable and be able to complete a job pretty quickly
    4. Have clean servers or proxies to be able to do this
    5. Have no OPT OUT button (since we never email them again anyway)
    6. Can send a test email to me so I can see how it looks before going forward

    This is a REALLY easy job for someone who knows what they are doing since our message contains no links, no ads, and nothing spammy sounding. An example of the letter could be as follows -

    Hello! This is XXXX. We sent you an email last week about our plans to come to XXX and we haven't heard back from you. Just making sure you received our message. We are looking forward to hearing from you and very excited about coming to XXX."
    From XXX

    I can provide tokens if this is necessary. I have lists of tokens in excel sheets that I have been writing when I was trying to do this through gmail. I make new tokens for each campaign personally.

    All emails will be provided in .cvs files. I will send off email list and corresponding emails together?so basically you will get 3 files from me.

    1. Email Message
    2. Email list
    3. Tokens (if necessary)

    I was using mailchimp for this?but of course?you can only get away with it for a while. Please contact me PM or even thisiswhereiwork2 at gmail dot com. We will correspond via skype. I am a chill guy who is riding a fine line of what you can and can't do in terms of email marketing...but provides a real tangible service.

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    Email Server
    if you wish i could do that for you! :)
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    I sent you a email, look forward to doing business with you.
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    check the date....
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