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    Hello again.
    Thank you all for the great advise on my last post. Followed a few suggestions you great people gave me and now that site is getting growing traffic and steady revenue.

    I am now working on a new site. Its in the action/adventure travel niche for a specific location, very low comp and I made good money selling banner and full page ads on a similar site last year, plus I used to sell PPC ads and run the SEO for the only competition I have, so I still have all my old contact information and know who wants to spend money on a ad space.

    I have an e-book/downloadable travel guide to the location the website is about that I wrote myself.
    I would like to use the e-book to get people to subscribe to my email list and like my facebook page as well.

    I was wondering if there was a wp plugin for a pop-up or slider with the option to download the e-book but only after grabbing the customer's info and facebook like. I read that facebook was banning like gating but I was not sure if there was some way around their new rules.

    I am also looking for a plugin or script so I can have people review the services that I write about on my site. Example would be if I have a page on my site about a specific downhill mountain bike course. I want people to come to my site and write/give a review. Is there anyway I could tie a contest to the review? How could I have visitors to my site write a review and then be entered into a contest for a big prize, hopefully getting their email and a facebook like as well.

    I have a pretty solid plan set up for the next few months, I just need some help on grabbing emails and social media marketing since this side of the IM game is new for me.
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    Great to hear that. If you want to grab emails, I'll advice you create a squeeze page and maybe buy some good solo ads from reputable solo ad providers.
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    Build a Killer Squeeze page and Give that Free ebook after signing up or else POP up it will work good..