Email Issue Problem - Need A MasterMind To Help Me Fix The Problem - Please Help

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    I have a crazy problem that Im willing to bet nobody can help me with. It's time to put those savvy brains to work. Okay here is my problem below:

    I have 2 different domains with the same hosting company and I will call them (domain a) and (domain b)

    I sent a email from (domain a) to a aol email address and the email arrived and displayed correctly.

    I sent a email from (domain b) to the same aol email address and the email does not arrive in the inbox or spam. I tried over 5 times and still nothing. However, I used domain b again to send to another aol email address and the email arrived and displayed correctly.

    I have access to both aol email addresses and the spam settings and everything is the same.

    The mx settings for (domain a) and (domain b) is the same as well, no problem here.

    Guess what? I used (domain b) to send a email to another totally different aol email address and it appears and displays correctly

    My question is why is (domain b) email not showing up in orginal aol email address? Any suggestions please? This is mind boggling., even the hosting company doesnt know why?

    BHW Members are much smarter than these hosting companies so I came here to hopefully gets some help or insight witht his issue.