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Email Dominator

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by olarian, Jan 27, 2016.


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  1. olarian

    olarian Newbie

    Jan 27, 2016
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    Hi. I am a programmer specialized in automation software.
    Currently i am building a software that will be called "Email Dominator"
    I am very busy and i posted this message in multiple forums and i cannot guarantee that i will comeback to read any reply.
    Please post replies, but intended to be seen by other users.
    If you want to address me any question or to tell me what else you want me to add to this software, or if you want to receive this software when is released, please send me an e-mail
    Based on how many requests i will receive, i will release this software for you to be able to use it or not.
    Please don't send me multiple requests. if you want this software, send me an e-mail and when is ready i will send it to you.
    I need this software for e-mail marketing purposes and is a very complex project that i believe it will help most of you with your marketing solutions.
    Before to say anything, if i will release this software to public, it will be 100% FREE. I don't intend to sell any software, but to help others in their marketing solutions.
    READING THE BELOW LINES it may look as a complicated to use software. I guarantee that this will be the easiest to use software you ever seen. Everything will be done automatically, all you will have to do is to check some boxes based on your needs, select messages, emails and done.
    This software will be the most advanced software you ever seen because is based on a unique technology i am developing since 1998 by myself and you may know is under the name of "artificial intelligence".
    Yes, every software i make is able to understand what its doing and to learn from what its doing and do things by itself.
    Of course, it is not matrix or terminator, its something based on some complexes algorithms, so it will be unlikely to take over the world
    However, the reason of why i post this message here, is that i want to know if is worth to build it in such a manner that can be used by other people, or if i should build it only by myself.
    If is worth to spend the time to build it for public usage, i would also need to know what are your needs, so at lunch time i will have a better software for you.
    As i previously said, this software it will be 100% free so you don't have to pay for it, or even make donations. I don't say that i will refuse your money, so if someone want to make donations and to get hands on early versions, i will gladly do that.
    - Email extractor
    - E-mail cleaner
    - Email sender
    - Email monitor
    - SMTP generator
    - Blacklist removal
    - URL generator
    All of the above in an automated manner. you can start the software, check a few boxes, paste your messages and hit run.
    You don't have to do anything else, It will run in background and will do all the work for you.
    Even if you turn off your computer, when you start it, this software will know where to continue from.
    One of the best features of this software is that you can make setup in only one computer and run it from as many computers you want.
    So if you want to run the software from multiple machines, you don't have to login to each one when you want to set it up to extract new emails or to insert new messages... etc. . Just run it from another computer, insert your license ( which you will not have to pay for ) and will find your other computers and will receive unique tasks from the other software so it will not spend time doing the same things over and over again.
    Once again, you will only have to use setup to only one machine and will sync with all each other.
    This is what i did so far with this software. Is still in development, but these functions are working.
    Now, let me give you some ideas of what this software really do:
    This will extract for you emails from google, Bing, yahoo, Facebook, google+, tweeter, yellow pages, olx, craigslist... and other sources.
    So far i only developed google ( all countries) Facebook and servers. the rest will be to come within next few months.
    Well, you have been reading very well. This robot will extract email addresses from any webserver you want.
    For example, if you want to extract all the e-mails of every website on hostgator servers, you just have to select the list of servers and ask the robot to extract all the e-mail addresses from those servers.
    Maybe soon, i will have it extracting emails from other type of sources too, depending on your requests.
    Of course, you can use your own email addresses too. So if you have lists with email addresses, you can point the robot to that folder and will extract all e-mails from that folder, even if the emails are in documents that contains other information.
    For example, you can export your entire .pst outlook to text ( which will include messages and all ); and the robot will be able to only extract the emails from there and to ignore the rest of the text. this is helpful because it may find emails on the body as signatures, or into the "to" field if someone has sent messages to multiple recipients... etc. .
    P.S. you will be able to extract emails from certain country, so you can target better customers.
    This part of the software, will inspect each of your e-mail addresses to make sure that is valid. it will continuously verify your e-mail addresses and will remove the invalid ones, plus the ones that can cause problems. like nasa.go ebay.com or which contains names like admin or webmasters...
    The filters will be at your hands. it will come with predefined filters, but you will be able to remove some or to add extra.
    Of course, it will also make sure that you don't get duplicated emails too.
    So because of this module, you will be able to spend less resources and send safer messages and make faster delivery of your message.
    This will increase your sales in a shorter time.
    This is a very complex module.
    I will only say a few words about it:
    1) You can send multiple types of messages like:
    - You can send one message
    - You can insert a pack of messages and will randomly send one of them to your targets
    - You can use spinned messages
    - You can use a list of different urls and will randomly send them in your message body, to avoid spam filters
    - You can send targeted e-mails ( you may have an excel with emails/names... etc and to personalize each message you send
    - You can set continuously emails ( which means that the sending will never stop until you say so and once you get new emails in your list ( inserted by you or extracted), will send tat message to those to.
    ... and many other things. ( many of them i will not unveil now )
    - Of course it will keep track of every email sent so you will not send by mistake the same message to multiple addresses several times.
    - it will keep track of your messages if they were read or not
    - it will mark the target email addresses as confirmed if they were read ( this way, when you will send the next message, you already have a database of emails and you can select to only send to confirmed emails)
    - For the confirmed email it will verify the real country of the reader so you can better target your targets later.
    If you are amazed of what this software can do so far, well, keep tight
    The messages will not be sent directly from your local computers, but trough SMTP servers.
    You can use your list of SMTP servers of course, but you can also activate the SMTP generator option.
    This will create thousands of free email addresses from hundreds of emails providers ( yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, aol, mail.com ... etc ) and will send the messages trough those email addresses. This will ensure that all your messages goes 100% into inbox.
    Of course, you are limited to mostly 100 emails per day by each free email provider, but what do you care? this robot will continuously create these kind of email addresses so when you will send emails, you will be able to send even millions per day.
    Being artificial intelligence, this robot will know how many messages to send trough each SMTP, but you will be able to setup your own limits too.
    Well, at this point you might be scared of receiving your replies to thousands of other e-mail addresses? Well... NO!.
    You will send trough thousands of SMTP emails, but all the replies will come to one of your desired email address, at your choose. No need to be one of those that are sending messages.
    If you send too many emails, your IP address might get blacklisted.
    You don't have to worry about that. The robot will monitor all the blacklist services and will automatically remove your IP address from those lists so you will never send emails in spam folders.
    I am also thinking to add an extra blacklist removal option that will allow you to monitor your SMTP servers ( in case you use private ) to ensure that those will also not get into any blacklist.
    In order to better avoid spam filters, we must make your messages unique. that?s why you have so many options when sending emails.
    But, you will mostly need to insert an URL into your e-mail too. So instead sending your own URL and have it filtered by antispam systems, this robot will generate unique links for each message it sends like goo.gl/hgo8uybo and hundreds of link shorter.
    There are many things to say about this software, but i already said too many
    if you want it or if you want me to add some other features, send me an email
  2. Crazy Monkey

    Crazy Monkey Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 4, 2015
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    In Jungle
    Thanks for sharing information
  3. moneymakerone

    moneymakerone Newbie

    Jul 14, 2014
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    when u get the software or how can i get it ?
  4. seoxz

    seoxz Junior Member

    Dec 8, 2014
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    Waiting for a review copy