Email database of 25000 + Affiliate Program, What Next!


Nov 2, 2011
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Hi, Arpita here, well i know this is my first post (moderators very sry if i make some mistake)

I have a database of active 25000 + people, I have 2 Indian affiliate networks with me, and i am a total newbie in this. I would like to have some guidance, help from all Senior Patrons and members in order to make this happen.

Also just to add i have 1000+ people in my friends list in FB and Twitter..

A blog in blogspot which has all the ads of those affiliates.

A humble request to share and guide me with different action plans.
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Welcome to BHW Arpita.

You need to clear few points to guide you. What sort of Email database is that, its related to any niche and what country list is that.
What type of affiliate products you have. Eg., insurance, diabetes, etc.,
1000+ FB and twetter Indian friends or farmville ones?

Explain me this and i try to assist you.
First of my humble thanks for answering. Now for your questions.

1. Face book and twitter friends are random friends who have added me. no farmville or anything. they range from India, far east, pakistan, etc.

2. The email list is totally from India, i use to work into database company so from there i had taken it few months back. (i hope this can work)

3. Affiliates are general like credit-card, banks, insurance, dating, matrimonial s, deals, etc.

I dont want to sound like, poor thing etc, but its just that i dont have a job or something and want to do committed work in internet marketing.
I am not guru maybe conjuror but if
a. you have a list of emails that belongs to you meaning subscribers to something yours blog site anything
b. YOU ARE SURE that is not fake it is not from unqualified sources

Then you can go to email campain . What is this you could read further even if not sure because the admins delete the email content no offense but here some info
1 option : mail chimp, active campain and an other popular that i don't remember.
what are these?
more info could aquired from real master here in forum but in general you add some info you upload your subscribers emails (here is a vital question about optin and double optin )
|single optin is when somebody send you the email
double optin is when you send confirmation email and send you answer|
Then you could for your update of your blog whatever send them info about your post and include cpa related offers _and as my friend ho reply first if the subscribers of you looking for strawberries you CANNOT send them cpa or whatever offer _monetize_ about bananas* you could send them but after you see that they are loyal and respond to emails.
you could bypass the cost of these services with other programs that you could find with search interspire and computer email senders like send blaster orlginal or not.
i think that is some help
be well and happy merry chritmass or happy shiva reborn _ i like shiva he give birth and destroy
Load them in aweber or Get the mass mailer from download section and read a few sales page tutorial and start blasting with affiliate offers. Unfortunately the Email forum is down but thats the basics.
Start a website or a blogger blog load some content related to your offer. Have a nice landing page for your offer ( landing page - when people click a link to your site it should go to a specific page not your main site, there customer can buy/fill offers). For sample landing page google some random product visit the sites landing page.

Speak with your affiliate manager and tell them it is ok to promote there offers in social media like FB and twitter. Bcz some companies don't allow there product got spammed in social media's.
On your FB and twitter post all your friends about your product. Don't beg them to fill it. Bcz your affiliate manager can track where your customers from. If they saw you forced your customers to fill it then they may ban you.
As Neo240 said sign up with Aweber and blast your database. Before download email templates you can get this from download secession i believe copy that change according to your offer.
All the best.
I have access to good Indian CPA offers... Shoot me a PM if you're interested in JV'ing with me..
Load them to Awber.
Contact to your affiliate manager regarding offers you can promote.
Push offers to subscribers. :)
any other solution! i need to know some process, also, now the database is 60000 strong :) + 20000 australian ID's :)
I have some experience with internet marketing. I can tell you what exactly you need to do next if you want earn some good money!
PM if you want advice.
---> arpita8801

Hah! It seems that I can't answer to your message here because I haven't 15 posts! :) please write directly to karlis.arajs111 ot g---mail!
can i ask the same thing,
i have 10k a week emails / phone numbers being given to me for a big broadband company in the uk.
so am i right in asuming 3 steps.

after making a wp blog reviewing my niche ..... ( with what ever my affiliate manager suggests ) for both email and phone offers.

1. attatch to aweber.
2. contact my affiliate company to find suitable offers. ( see above insert into wp )
3. send my emails and hope ?

am i right on this, pls. add more info if need be , thx. i am not taking over the thread, i believe in asking this i am also helping the OP.
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