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    Wow, gotta say I really dig the underground style of this forum. It's a pretty laid-back place from what I can tell. Either way I thought I'd throw up my intro thread so here I go:

    I'm 20 years old, I live in the 'burbs of minnesota, and I'm an art student.

    I call myself dollars for days because that's my dream...I want the dollars rollin' in every day. I recently learned about affiliate marketing about a month ago and have since been fervently pursuing my first sale. During this quest I have opened up my first website, employed some video marketing tactics on youtube, and started researching SEO.

    I've begun gathering friends and followers on social media sites, I've submitted ads on craigslist and backpage in an effort to do one thing...MAKE A SALE.

    So far I haven't even made one tiny sale :(...my site gets about a hundred hits a day but I don't know any efficient ways to build backlinks other than article marketing...And despite having written an awesome article today I still have to figure out a way to submit it to 100's of article directories.

    Either way I'm still continuing on my journey-- I know that if I keep heading in the right directions, and continue to exercise new resources, I'll eventually start generating some $.

    Either way I'm happy to be a member here, I look forward to learning and contributing :).