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    anyone tried this?


    Connect. Share. Collaborate.

    Elgg is free and open source software
    It provides the components you need to build a fully-featured social environment, including:
    • Profiles
      Elgg comes with default profile fields that can be extended or completely customized by the site administrator.
    • Activity Streams
      The granular activity stream feature ensures you keep up to date with all site activity.
    • Blogging / Microblogging
      Blogging and microblogging functionality that is both powerful, yet simple to use.
    • Groups
      Collaborate around specific topics via public, private or hidden groups.
    • Access controls
      Control who can access your content.
    • Web Services API
      Expose functionality through the REST API by building a plugin and then either publish the API for other developers to build clients or provide your own.