Electronics Liquidation! Video Games, Cellphones, Tablets, Laptops! First Come Basis! USA!

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    I will be clear about this: I'm a broker (but not a dropshipper).
    I do provide tracking number, always.

    Skype: phenomenalfez

    I have a relationship with a big liquidator (met through a friend) and he gives great prices. Since I know him, I can get stock in small quantities (vs buying pallets). I'm very fair on markups as I like building relationships with people and leave you leeway for profit. You will have my cell so you can get to me ASAP. Stock is limited (this is liquidation).

    Please remember, all inventory is first come, first serve and I will only ship to US with tracking number.

    All Inventory is in the USA! No knockoffs!


    Acer Tablet 32GB SSD OPEN BOX
    Star Wars Clone Wars PS3 OPEN BOX
    iPod Nano 6th Gen 8GB
    Samsung Focus S OPEN BOX (MOQ 5)
    More, (you won't believe...)

    Feel free to ask any questions, communication is vital!
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    plz share ur experience of repairing of digital equipments?