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    Hello Folks, your advice has always been helpful in the past. My latest idea involves a freelance marketplace similar to eLance or Odesk. Does anyone have any suggestions on a platform? I would love to find an open source one but I can't seem to find one or I don't know how they are referred to. I have been looking for "elance clones" and "freelance marketplaces". ILance looks like a good platform but its $500 and requires an annual service fee for updates. It HAS to have escrow capabilities to meet my needs. I think I might just need to bite the bullet and drop some dough.
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    Creating platform like oDesk, Freelancer & Elance is the good idea. Your idea is really appreciable because I always seen that many websites are same cloned to original website but you are just taking idea from freelance or Elance not cloning websites. Custom development also gives unique reputation to your website. Customization of website like Freelance and Elance are expensive but in future you will get huge return of it. I found one website its name is NCrypted. It provides customized website clones of popular websites. You can also contact them for Elance of Freelance Clone.