Edwinsoft (bookmarking/article demon) says it is cracking down

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    Just got an email from them 5 minutes ago....they claim there is a sharp increase in people reselling their license keys...

    Here is the email:

    Hi KickAss Marketer,

    Recently there is a sharp increase in people reselling their
    license keys. In order to reduce such fraud, we have decided to
    enforce our license terms for all our software.

    The new license system requires activation of your software license
    key on one computer. If there is a need to run the license on
    another computer, you have to deactivate your software before you
    can activate it on another. Therefore at any one time, only one
    computer will be authorized to run the software.

    This new license system is the actual license model stated in the
    license agreement. We have not been enforcing it as we see that it
    is more convenient to our users with the previous mechanism.
    However, too many people are exploiting this convenience and
    cheating the innocents with illegal copies of the software. We have
    to put a stop to this.

    If in any situation a user's activated machine suffer a hardware
    failure and not able to deactivate the license key, the user can
    open a support account (if one has not been created) at
    https://support.edwinsoft.net and submit a support ticket over

    We will implement the forced update on Sunday, October 2 at
    11:59PM EST.

    Do not reply to this email. Please
    open a support ticket at our helpdesk
    at support.edwinsoft.com

    To your success,
    Edwin Brian
    Director, Digital Online Market Pte Ltd
    20 Maxwell Road #09-17
    Singapore 069113