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EDU & GOV Comment Backlinks Unlimited Sources

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by Clickretina, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Clickretina

    Clickretina Newbie

    Aug 24, 2017
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    If you don't own scrapebox, GSA, senuke, whatever....Use these search strings in Google and get tons of edu and gov site to leave your comments.

    site:.edu “Log in / create account”
    site:.edu “powered by Foswiki”
    site:.edu “System/UserRegistration”
    site:.edu inurl:”forum” “register.php”
    site:.edu “powered by vBulletin”
    site:.edu “powered by vbulletin” “register.php”
    site:.edu “powered by vbulletin” inurl:”register.php”
    site:.edu “powered by phpbb”
    site:.edu “powered by SMF”
    site:.edu “powered by VaultWiki”
    site:.edu “powered by drupal”
    site:.edu powered by Jive
    site:.edu groups blog
    site:.edu groups wiki
    site:.edu groups weblog
    site:.edu Mac OS X Server
    site:.edu groups Mac OS X Server
    site:.edu blog Mac OS X Server
    site:.edu wiki Mac OS X Server
    site:.edu inurl:”wp-signup.php”
    site:.edu inurl:CreateUser.aspx
    site:.edu inurl:register.aspx
    site:.edu inurl:register.php “agree”
    site:.edu inurl:blog
    site:.edu “post a comment”
    site:.edu “comments closed”
    site:.edu “you must be logged in”
    site:.edu “reply to post”
    site:.edu “leave comment”
    site:.edu “Powered by BlogEngine”
    site:.edu “Powered by ExpressionEngine”
    site:.edu /board
    site:.edu /board/
    site:.edu /cgi-bin/forum/
    site:.edu /cgi-bin/forum/blah.pl
    site:.edu /foren/
    site:.edu /forum/
    site:.edu /forum/?fnr=
    site:.edu /forumdisplay.php?
    site:.edu /forumdisplay.php?f=
    site:.edu /forums/
    site:.edu /index.php?a=register
    site:.edu /index.php?board
    site:.edu /index.php?t=
    site:.edu /index.php?t=thread
    site:.edu /misc.php?action=
    site:.edu /phorum/
    site:.edu /phpbb/
    site:.edu /phpbb3/
    site:.edu /post?id=
    site:.edu /posts/reply/
    site:.edu /profile.php?id=
    site:.edu /punbb/
    site:.edu /quicksilver/
    site:.edu /registermember
    site:.edu /seoboard/
    site:.edu /sutra
    site:.edu /unb/
    site:.edu /usebb/
    site:.edu /user/profile/
    site:.edu /viscacha/
    site:.edu /viscacha/register.php
    site:.edu a product of lussumo
    site:.edu act=login&func=register
    site:.edu act=post&forum=19
    site:.edu act=reg
    site:.edu act=sf
    site:.edu act=st
    site:.edu action=display&thread
    site:.edu add message
    site:.edu add topic
    site:.edu BB code is On
    site:.edu bb-login.php
    site:.edu bbpress topic.php
    site:.edu bbpress/register.php
    site:.edu bbpress/topic.php?id
    site:.edu bbs
    site:.edu bbs/ezboard.cgi
    site:.edu bbs1/ezboard.cgi
    site:.edu board
    site:.edu board/ezboard.cgi
    site:.edu board-4you.de
    site:.edu boardbook.de
    site:.edu bulletin board register
    site:.edu bulletin
    site:.edu cgi-bin/ezboard.cgi
    site:.edu cgi-bin/forum.cgi
    site:.edu cgi-bin/forum/
    site:.edu comments.php?discussionid=
    site:.edu community/forum.php?
    site:.edu community/index.php
    site:.edu community/register.php
    site:.edu discussion board register
    site:.edu forum I am at least 13 years old.
    site:.edu forum In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:
    site:.edu forum https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmesdiscussions.net%2F&h=ATNZV_iGYwsK80UXPCgBa0RvRgtVRK97wf77mglWvab7Ifp6ckc44U8FbPG1KrLYTLN8vH23x6s6bu7X68Lw5ssfrEFkjywHhKoKuS6-Pp9C09QFHtYOnD8eHVJunMWwObhhEecQO7OmVIuK9xs-I_yGikDfHnipT6iF4p-lJm62txYhiuFoM6KjdUifSKc8Q0IJauXHHGED2iz21ECUW8inFnTclMpeu-mlVQ0I3AQhU6EgwzcNk7COhNoIdZfSc3SDISK_9BpfYhqzQJJdQqtW
    site:.edu forum new replies
    site:.edu forum new topic
    site:.edu forum post thread
    site:.edu forum register I have read, and agree to abide by the
    site:.edu forum signup
    site:.edu forum view thread
    site:.edu forum
    site:.edu forum.php?req
    site:.edu forum.php?req=register
    site:.edu forum.php?s=
    site:.edu forumdisplay.php
    site:.edu forums – Registration Agreement
    site:.edu forums new replies
    site:.edu forums new topic
    site:.edu Forums Posting Statistics Newest Member
    site:.edu forums register
    site:.edu forums/show/
    site:.edu hosted for free by zetaboards
    site:.edu Hot thread with no new posts
    site:.edu If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before
    site:.edu inanchor:ip.board
    site:.edu inanchor:vbulletin
    site:.edu inanchor:yabb
    site:.edu index.php
    site:.edu index.php?a=forum
    site:.edu index.php?a=post&s=topic
    site:.edu index.php?a=register
    site:.edu index.php?a=vtopic
    site:.edu index.php?action=register
    site:.edu index.php?action=registernew
    site:.edu index.php?action=vtopic
    site:.edu index.php?fid
    site:.edu index.php?s=
    site:.edu index.php?t=post&frm_id=
    site:.edu index.php?t=usrinfo
    site:.edu invision
    site:.edu ipb
    site:.edu http://kostenlose-foren.org/
    site:.edu http://kostenloses-forum.com/
    site:.edu list.php
    site:.edu listforums?
    site:.edu lofiversion
    site:.edu login.jbb
    site:.edu login.php
    site:.edu login.php?register=1
    site:.edu member.php?action=
    site:.edu member.php?action=register
    site:.edu message board register
    site:.edu module=posts&action=insert&forum_id
    site:.edu modules.php
    site:.edu Most Online Today Most Online Ever Forums
    site:.edu new thread forum
    site:.edu new thread
    site:.edu new topic
    site:.edu new_member.jbb
    site:.edu new_topic.jbb?
    site:.edu new_topic.php?
    site:.edu newbb
    site:.edu newbbs/ezboard.cgi
    site:.edu newreply.php?
    site:.edu newreply.php?do=newreply
    site:.edu newthread.php?
    site:.edu newthread.php?do=newthread
    site:.edu https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fonlyfree.de%2Fcgi-bin%2Fforum%2F&h=ATNvdyfKlJ7cOfFvzZ1pqfhghh7rAfk_eyFDMJ0YJv9hvX3l-PWJ-kN28aEz0dOWtlfb4iLpJqhGZdNxNisDtD0YT5brgroMI1C3bHzXYzvo66DfT-1tKf6u1cdn20P-yW6znQ63DdtxSkq1x8Te2GyimTlcNyi6eaqM2NpTLrc4b8ydzUU-WZYN9PaMOVQe8VAiyC6VFiLL7HZMSYhxZgSoLZj63HuUJaTxxBQ9N9BSZHI1NmA6ud1nTfoJd1hiseY9cYdDBnI9Na_TiGNGlk61
    site:.edu panel.php?act=register
    site:.edu phorum
    site:.edu phorum/list.php
    site:.edu phorum/posting.php
    site:.edu phorum/register.php
    site:.edu phpbb register forum
    site:.edu phpbb/posting.php?mode=newtopic
    site:.edu phpbb/posting.php?mode=reply
    site:.edu phpbb/profile.php?mode=register
    site:.edu phpbb/viewforum.php?
    site:.edu phpbb3/posting.php?mode=post
    site:.edu phpbb3/posting.php?mode=reply
    site:.edu phpbb3/ucp.php?mode=register
    site:.edu phpbbx.de
    site:.edu plusboard.de
    site:.edu post new topic
    site:.edu post.forum?mode=reply
    site:.edu post.php
    site:.edu post/?type
    site:.edu post/printadd?forum
    site:.edu posting
    site:.edu posting.forum&mode=newtopic
    site:.edu postmessage.aspx
    site:.edu posts/list
    site:.edu powered by bbpress
    site:.edu powered by e-blah forum software
    site:.edu powered by fluxbb
    site:.edu powered by forum software minibb
    site:.edu powered by icebb
    site:.edu powered by invision power board
    site:.edu powered by ip.board
    site:.edu Powered by IP.Board
    site:.edu powered by javabb 0.99
    site:.edu Powered By MyBB
    site:.edu powered by phpbb
    site:.edu powered by phpbb3
    site:.edu Powered by PunBB register.php
    site:.edu Powered by PunBB viewforum.php
    site:.edu powered by punbb
    site:.edu powered by quicksilver forums
    site:.edu powered by seo-board
    site:.edu powered by smf 1.1.5
    site:.edu powered by smf
    site:.edu powered by the unclassified newsboard
    site:.edu powered by ubb.threads
    site:.edu powered by usebb forum software
    site:.edu powered by vbulletin
    site:.edu powered by viscacha
    site:.edu powered by xennobb
    site:.edu powered by xmb
    site:.edu powered by yabb
    site:.edu powered by yaf
    site:.edu powered by: fudforum
    site:.edu profile.forum?
    site:.edu profile.php
    site:.edu proudly powered by bbPress
    site:.edu punbb register forum
    site:.edu punbb/register.php
    site:.edu Quick Reply Quote message in reply?
    site:.edu register forum Please Enter Your Date of Birth
    site:.edu register iam over 13 years of age forum
    site:.edu register.aspx
    site:.edu register.php
    site:.edu reply.jbb
    site:.edu send message
    site:.edu send thread forum
    site:.edu send thread
    site:.edu seoboard/index.php?a=vforum
    site:.edu showthread.php
    site:.edu Similar Threads All times are GMT +1
    site:.edu siteboard.de
    site:.edu SMF register forum
    site:.edu The Following User Says Thank You to for this post
    site:.edu this forum is powered by phorum
    site:.edu Thread is closed
    site:.edu thread
    site:.edu topic
    site:.edu topic.php?id
    site:.edu ubb
    site:.edu ubb=newpost&board=1
    site:.edu ubb=postlist
    site:.edu ultimatebb
    site:.edu ultrabb
    site:.edu unboard.de
    site:.edu Users active in past 30 minutes: SMF
    site:.edu vbulletin forum signup
    site:.edu VBulletin forum
    site:.edu vbulletin
    site:.edu vbulletin/register.php
    site:.edu version
    site:.edu View previous topic :: View next topic forums
    site:.edu view topic forum
    site:.edu view_forum.php?id
    site:.edu viewforum.php?id
    site:.edu webmart.de/f.cfm?id=
    site:.edu https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fxtremeservers.at%2Fboard%2F&h=ATMq78WBvhYzSGWqH7hmclaRR3uRiKI4Glfrw0CgreU07qzw97mimmBlFnnC_P7b_gxZsB_yMPZwtVWFkXdf4H4eit7_3pzIK1UXtRoMVbcZCJj9MZQMOf0ZxnIXvvJyQ7XosRJUocTRdUxyDtHeJYv7o5bOStG3sh5dVX25QH1QJNPedJF9GInt5--xSp3hCPkCOr290JVIg3IREASUAoTHhYw5HV9L9xl-Qq7oZVGd_ehxeafbNKWE6UQg2_-K0tl8Z7sAOya0kPgXuCJD9vp3
    site:.edu yabb
    site:.edu yaf_rules.aspx
    site:.edu yaf_topics
    site:.edu yooco.de
    site:.edu You cannot post new topics in this forum
    site:.edu Powered by wordpress
    site:.gov /board
    site:.gov /board/
    site:.gov /cgi-bin/forum/
    site:.gov /cgi-bin/forum/blah.pl
    site:.gov /foren/
    site:.gov /forum/
    site:.gov /forum/?fnr=
    site:.gov /forumdisplay.php?
    site:.gov /forumdisplay.php?f=
    site:.gov /forums/
    site:.gov /index.php?a=register
    site:.gov /index.php?board
    site:.gov /index.php?t=
    site:.gov /index.php?t=thread
    site:.gov /misc.php?action=
    site:.gov /phorum/
    site:.gov /phpbb/
    site:.gov /phpbb3/
    site:.gov /post?id=
    site:.gov /posts/reply/
    site:.gov /profile.php?id=
    site:.gov /punbb/
    site:.gov /quicksilver/
    site:.gov /registermember
    site:.gov /seoboard/
    site:.gov /sutra
    site:.gov /unb/
    site:.gov /usebb/
    site:.gov /user/profile/
    site:.gov /viscacha/
    site:.gov /viscacha/register.php
    site:.gov a product of lussumo
    site:.gov act=login&func=register
    site:.gov act=post&forum=19
    site:.gov act=reg
    site:.gov act=sf
    site:.gov act=st
    site:.gov action=display&thread
    site:.gov add message
    site:.gov add topic
    site:.gov BB code is On
    site:.gov bb-login.php
    site:.gov bbpress topic.php
    site:.gov bbpress/register.php
    site:.gov bbpress/topic.php?id
    site:.gov bbs
    site:.gov bbs/ezboard.cgi
    site:.gov bbs1/ezboard.cgi
    site:.gov board
    site:.gov board/ezboard.cgi
    site:.gov board-4you.de
    site:.gov boardbook.de
    site:.gov bulletin board register
    site:.gov bulletin
    site:.gov cgi-bin/ezboard.cgi
    site:.gov cgi-bin/forum.cgi
    site:.gov cgi-bin/forum/
    site:.gov comments.php?discussionid=
    site:.gov community/forum.php?
    site:.gov community/index.php
    site:.gov community/register.php
    site:.gov discussion board register
    site:.gov forum By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above rules and any others that the Administrator
    site:.gov forum I am at least 13 years old.
    site:.gov forum In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:
    site:.gov forum https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmesdiscussions.net%2F&h=ATPKYbZkkXqd5NXXFdVBNj3n9Sz2U-03Nmp3ETeuRRnwIORVyF5xnn8NA-UmMgtTOtaKXXypRLKUykGjfYwXojsQDlT1vI6TCNdoMeVSY8eukFQr4KImHyWirqjzBl-Etm6jkpG5NlZFE-AiCXz7opgVmRtWdlaEsLX0H7XneLZ5R7WM7ncMPOWYT-2KwVlD2vEI5Ckf-DdUwqcQZmSxk0G4CnjSmzwjly2c3eIbftqc1TQIOBeUrXuldBNxEhBQsdnIqV8Vo3VYaTP2VMhffEm3
    site:.gov forum new replies
    site:.gov forum new topic
    site:.gov forum post thread
    site:.gov Forum Posted: Tue May 05, 2009 8:24 am Memberlist Profile
    site:.gov forum register I have read, and agree to abide by the
    site:.gov forum signup
    site:.gov forum view thread
    site:.gov forum
    site:.gov forum.php?req
    site:.gov forum.php?req=register
    site:.gov forum.php?s=
    site:.gov forumdisplay.php
    site:.gov forums – Registration Agreement
    site:.gov forums new replies
    site:.gov forums new topic
    site:.gov Forums Posting Statistics Newest Member
    site:.gov forums register
    site:.gov forums/show/
    site:.gov hosted for free by zetaboards
    site:.gov Hot thread with no new posts
    site:.gov inanchor:ip.board
    site:.gov inanchor:vbulletin
    site:.gov inanchor:yabb
    site:.gov index.php
    site:.gov index.php?a=forum
    site:.gov index.php?a=post&s=topic
    site:.gov index.php?a=register
    site:.gov index.php?a=vtopic
    site:.gov index.php?action=register
    site:.gov index.php?action=registernew
    site:.gov index.php?action=vtopic
    site:.gov index.php?fid
    site:.gov index.php?s=
    site:.gov index.php?t=post&frm_id=
    site:.gov index.php?t=usrinfo
    site:.gov invision
    site:.gov ipb
    site:.gov http://kostenlose-foren.org/
    site:.gov https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fkostenloses-forum.com%2F&h=ATM-rxhVRSILRg8YA1x05z0ME4Gth-MZb2zxctWHaC-0KLEYG3s_Vsdk8P01yrWn-vWpHnCYZLudT2rQOr58dhBm2os7LCZ-Mwnr0DcTNxXENvFkW8LPugYaHBSGlADZ0vXsEEE6Q7jTil1Yzmh194xh96MDKScuJ3eBTj5y6AzHtClxRa_KkT_r-vaAa0oCT3MwA2WtRF8Uq1n3ltm7ZX5yHJe9T7Rcp_2oGVSHjO3OFOKnqpm06NGyJGVexXZSOnIFoMNzhWt9Kbkbn215KPCu
    site:.gov list.php
    site:.gov listforums?
    site:.gov lofiversion
    site:.gov login.jbb
    site:.gov login.php
    site:.gov login.php?register=1
    site:.gov member.php?action=
    site:.gov member.php?action=register
    site:.gov message board register
    site:.gov module=posts&action=insert&forum_id
    site:.gov modules.php
    site:.gov Most Online Today Most Online Ever Forums
    site:.gov new thread forum
    site:.gov new thread
    site:.gov new topic
    site:.gov new_member.jbb
    site:.gov new_topic.jbb?
    site:.gov new_topic.php?
    site:.gov newbb
    site:.gov newbbs/ezboard.cgi
    site:.gov newreply.php?
    site:.gov newreply.php?do=newreply
    site:.gov newthread.php?
    site:.gov newthread.php?do=newthread
    site:.gov https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fonlyfree.de%2Fcgi-bin%2Fforum%2F&h=ATNyFV2hO_JLXiw7guAStaz32p2J_tJAoLtI0xDqhrEBWOgtmWp11x8NtXdfNdZNiCiHa_mcPfiRkuUD0U75cIpK-k8HKryiGoaHrWyv5Rlo-ke7xH-eurVsPP_st8UjhUVHjlJCcGYN3zafFEIb0HY-1bhNZq57dEyzqEi17ur9H_suXpPDObNYAFwNE8gxFW51uuy7Gacb-xK3xP_E__JP8j0n2QgvaA9lu-2wssnp7lPNMWt6jW-Ip9pvw0OtmXoJPtRbn3CIGQjjGbN6guGm
    site:.gov panel.php?act=register
    site:.gov phorum
    site:.gov phorum/list.php
    site:.gov phorum/posting.php
    site:.gov phorum/register.php
    site:.gov phpbb register forum
    site:.gov phpbb/posting.php?mode=newtopic
    site:.gov phpbb/posting.php?mode=reply
    site:.gov phpbb/profile.php?mode=register
    site:.gov phpbb/viewforum.php?
    site:.gov phpbb3/posting.php?mode=post
    site:.gov phpbb3/posting.php?mode=reply
    site:.gov phpbb3/ucp.php?mode=register
    site:.gov phpbbx.de
    site:.gov plusboard.de
    site:.gov post new topic
    site:.gov post.forum?mode=reply
    site:.gov post.php
    site:.gov post/?type
    site:.gov post/printadd?forum
    site:.gov posting
    site:.gov posting.forum&mode=newtopic
    site:.gov postmessage.aspx
    site:.gov posts/list
    site:.gov powered by bbpress
    site:.gov powered by e-blah forum software
    site:.gov powered by fluxbb
    site:.gov powered by forum software minibb
    site:.gov powered by icebb
    site:.gov powered by invision power board
    site:.gov powered by ip.board
    site:.gov Powered by IP.Board
    site:.gov powered by javabb 0.99
    site:.gov Powered By MyBB
    site:.gov powered by phpbb
    site:.gov powered by phpbb3
    site:.gov Powered by PunBB register.php
    site:.gov Powered by PunBB viewforum.php
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    site:.gov powered by: fudforum
    site:.gov profile.forum?
    site:.gov profile.php
    site:.gov proudly powered by bbPress
    site:.gov punbb register forum
    site:.gov punbb/register.php
    site:.gov Quick Reply Quote message in reply?
    site:.gov register forum Please Enter Your Date of Birth
    site:.gov register iam over 13 years of age forum
    site:.gov register.aspx
    site:.gov register.php
    site:.gov reply.jbb
    site:.gov send message
    site:.gov send thread forum
    site:.gov send thread
    site:.gov seoboard/index.php?a=vforum
    site:.gov showthread.php
    site:.gov Similar Threads All times are GMT +1
    site:.gov siteboard.de
    site:.gov SMF register forum
    site:.gov The Following User Says Thank You to for this post
    site:.gov this forum is powered by phorum
    site:.gov Thread is closed
    site:.gov thread
    site:.gov topic
    site:.gov topic.php?id
    site:.gov ubb
    site:.gov ubb=newpost&board=1
    site:.gov ubb=postlist
    site:.gov ultimatebb
    site:.gov ultrabb
    site:.gov unboard.de
    site:.gov Users active in past 30 minutes: SMF
    site:.gov vbulletin forum signup
    site:.gov VBulletin forum
    site:.gov vbulletin
    site:.gov vbulletin/register.php
    site:.gov version
    site:.gov View previous topic :: View next topic forums
    site:.gov view topic forum
    site:.gov view_forum.php?id
    site:.gov viewforum.php?id
    site:.gov webmart.de/f.cfm?id=
    site:.gov https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fxtremeservers.at%2Fboard%2F&h=ATN6vPdrxQriqAp5p-iLdC6mFWaTG13l7wgQpxPen-9PwC88KBjuIBJE47Ww1ZiXVMX_wTtcsWynGfCPkK1_NfqTLLQoiqAu6Mt0Zc9ZmFOBhUvXZIW9Asa7VJuinUzoVCLbR6cZrC15JmguI_MxLflGkvVUKTBeQiuPlu-XryvWJlY2GMyGctVpqhEcCQaPxLG8Gqu3Kgxga8mPm79xmeHXFtctjIO2w6uKvanOyZGF-nOLpPL038edWJrwgc2awrBKus0KsA5asup9QRVSXI_g
    site:.gov yabb
    site:.gov yaf_rules.aspx
    site:.gov yaf_topics
    site:.gov yooco.de
    site:.gov You cannot post new topics in this forum
    site:.gov Powered by wordpress
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