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Discussion in 'Linkedin' started by droiderisuser, Mar 4, 2016.

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    It seems lately there have been more requests for an endorsement/recommendation exchange group. All the posts involving this seem to be old. So I am going to start a new skype group. I am going to set up some ground rules so that it is fair to everyone participating.

    In order to get recommendations and endorsements you must first give to the existing members. I will personally review these recommendations to make sure someone isn't just copying and pasting the same recommendation over and over. If you do this you will be removed from the group and will not get anymore recommendations. Once you have done your part, all existing members will reciprocate and give you endorsements and recommendations. And the train will roll on.

    Try to make the recommendations personal and genuine. Pm me and your skype information and a request to join and I will add you to the skype group.