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    I have an existing page already set up and I need a small edit made to it.

    It's a sales page for a product and I have a product with two sizes, and 8 colors for each size. I want the sales page of the product to allow them to pick their size and color, and then checkout to a unique SKU or order specifying that product. Very similar to a product website for clothing where you choose size and color.


    That is an example. You choose the color/size and then when you checkout that product is in your cart. I want the BUY NOW button to link them directly to the paypal checkout page, however.

    If you are up to the job, please PM me, or add me on skype ID: ninesixtwosix

    When you PM me, please paraphrase the requirements I asked for in this thread or it will be ignored. If you add me on skype make your welcoming message a paraphrasing of my requests or you will be ignored.

    Thank you.
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    i am interested in your job i send you request on skype please accept it