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    Hello guys,
    it is time to share another strategy of mine with you.

    A short story of mine:
    I am in the online business since 4 years. I had my ups and downs. To be honest: 100% of the time I was using Blackhat methods. I started with YouTube and then went to direct posting (kinda like spamming) internet forums to direct cpa offers and clickbank products which made me a decent 20-25k $ (around 15k-20k €uros) in the second year, so I could buy my first 05 Mustang GT in Germany when I was 24 years old =) Since the German Forums developed good antispamming techniques which even delete cloaked links posted with different ips, I was forced to stop this method, unfortunately. Since then I started to move to something stable, but ended up in YouTube marketing. I am still in YouTube marketing. I am still doing youtube marketing but i also started to buy websites from flippa and invested already a decent amount in 13 websites, from which I am selling the most of them now, because I just want to focus in 5-6 major projects in maximum. I am also still considered as a full time student studying structural engineer or civil engineering (don'T know the exact translation, but we build houses and bridges). Shame on me, it is my 7th year now and I am still not finished with my Bachelor, so in Germany I am called a "long time student" and I will probably finish my bachelor in 9 or maybe even 10 years. Note: Bachelor studies usually are supposed to be finished in 3 years =)))
    Hope this is a little motivation for you who are struggling to make a dime. I was once in your position guys, everyone starts from the scratches.

    So, as I "lost" a lot of traffic just sending them to direct offers and not to email optin pages, and as I am still "losing" traffic doing so, I decided to start with eMail Marketing. I read a lot here on BHW, and I also bought 2 courses (which I honestly didn't even look at closely yet), and I am currently working on a website, where I am creating landing page sites for each niche.

    Coming now to the blackhat strategy:
    Well, its not even really simple, but also effective!

    Most of you probably never wrote an email newsletter before, neither did I! So the most important thing after growing your mail list is to make them convert and offer them good products.
    But not everybody is born as someone who can write excellent, psychologically triggered, super content email text to promote something. So we just copy the mails of the guys who know how to do it =)

    The Eddiemorra Method:

    1) Collecting Phase:

    A)Just go, google and sign up to the biggest and most successfull internet marketers. Go for example to clickbank and search for high gravity products in your niche, find out the name of the guy, or buy the product (then in most cases, you are automatically added to their email lists) and after that you can still refund the product (but in most cases you will still be on their lists). Copy all emails which will be sent to you from this list. I am not preferring this method, as it is not correct from You to make the seller pay refund costs to clickbank.

    B)Also there is a little better method, you can again go to clickbank and then try to find products where the customer has to put his email address before buying. So you don't have to buy the product (you save the seller refund costs) and also the seller tries his best to persuade you in his following email to buy his product/products. He will write the best emails to promote his product, because he knows his products advantage and functions best. This suits best, if you want to promote really some unique and special product. Copy all emails which will be sent to you from this list.

    C)You can try to find some Super Affiliates (I still couldn't figure out how, if you come up with a strategy, please post here!!!!) who are promoting all kinds of products in a niche or in general. Usually they know best how to promote all kinds of products and they have a broader spectrum of products then the guys who are just trying to sell their own products.Copy all emails which will be sent to you from this list.

    D) go to google, if you want to promote products for the english speaking market / internationally go to google.com -> it has to be .com so if you are living outside of us (like me) you have to use this link to access google.com: http://www.google.com/ncr

    Search for your desired niche / product / whatever and have a look at the first page results. Open all of them and try to find an optin or newsletter form, where you can subscribe to the newsletter / email list.
    If you can't find any site which has a newsletter/opt in form, go to the second page search results or vary your search, JUST BE CREATIVE. THIS IS WHERE ONLINE MARKETING STARTS and the
    magic happens =)
    Copy all emails which will be sent to you from this list.

    Note: This will probably take some weeks, as most of the marketers send out emails just twice a week, and they have a lot of emails, so be sure to collect at least 10 emails.

    2) SPLIT IT BABY! Phase:

    A)Now you can start to copy and paste the emails to your newsletter and don't forget to replace their links with your affiliate links! =)

    B) SPLIT TEST EVERY MAIL! Just keep on split testing. The next weeks you should just keep on repeating following sentence: "I have to split test."
    Find the best converting ones, try to somehow maybe change and twist the email content so the emails will kinda link to each other, even when you copied them from different lists. This is again where the creativity makes the difference and the
    magic happens. I have to repeat the probably most recited email marketing doctrine: "You have to communicate with your list!" =)

    3) No Limit Phase:
    Rinse and repeat =)

    The Idea behind it: Even if you are good at writing super converting emails, maybe there are people who can write better than you. Even if their converting rates are just a little higher than yours, this can equal in a lot of money. For example: your conversion rate is 25% and you find a really really good one which is converting to 50% or 75%, you could easily double or tripple your earnings just like that.

    Note: Don't blame me for anything, as I just started this strategy myself and I am still in the Collecting Phase =)

    Kind regards,
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    I would say this should be filled under a (METHOD) and not a full guide. It's a good way to get free copy written but the rest as far as list building is lacking. Anyways thank you for writing this idea, it's good to know you have it working and are profiting from it.

    I have never seen an e-mail solicitation with maybe more then 2-3 e-mail address sent alongside mine. At least the good ones have their out going e-mail server setup properly so the letter is going out to "one Address at a time" usually one of those bcc/cc things. :)

    Anyways interesting write up.
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    Thanks for sharing, my email list growing, some day I will have to do something with it.
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    Thanks for sharing this method, I really like the idea.